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Musically Speaking I am borrowing Willowtree’s po…
August 22, 2006, 2:00 am
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Musically Speaking

I am borrowing Willowtree’s post idea tonight. I am tired (again) after my first full day of school with students, but I can always find some energy to talk about music.

The best live performance I’ve seen was The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas. Really an awesome concert! They opened with “Hotel California” and closed with “Desperado”. In between, they did all of their biggest hits as a group and many of the hits they’ve recorded as single artists. It was crowded and hot, but the music made up for any discomfort. At a close second, is Chicago at Anaheim Stadium in California in the summer of ’76. I was 17 at that concert and I screamed myself hoarse. It was great!!

As far as live performers under the influence of something ……Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac. I don’t know if it was alcohol or some other substance, but I was on the front row and Stevie appeared to be in another world. She stumbled around on stage, messed up on her lyrics and actually walked off the stage during several of the songs. Maybe it was all part of the act. In second place is Doug McClure. Remember him? He played Trampas on the TV series The Virginian. I saw him at the Arkansas State Rodeo when I was a youngster. I can’t remember if he actually sang or just made an appearance or what. I do clearly remember that he fell off his horse as he made his grand entrance riding around the arena. He also fell up the steps to the stage that had been set up in the middle of the arena. Maybe it was supposed to be a comedy act and I was too young to understand.

I also saw Roy Rogers as a youngster. Roy was my dad’s hero and I remember being amazed that I was seeing someone so famous. And his horse, Trigger, which Dad admired almost as much as he did Roy Rogers. I was able to shake Roy’s hand at the end of the program.

I would like to see Aerosmith in concert. I love their music! I would also like to see Bette Midler. She seems to be such a neat lady and is so very talented. She also uses her fame and her wealth to accomplish good things in this world and I admire that. My concert “wish list” also includes any of the really great symphony orchestras…..New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Philharmonic. I have all of them on CD, but hearing a live performance would be a dream come true. And speaking of dreams…..I want to attend an opera at the New York Metropolitan and at the Sydney Opera House. Puccini is my absolute favorite composer and seeing a live performance of Tosca, La Boheme or Turandot at the Met or in Sydney would put me on cloud nine. Given the opportunity, I would attend just about any opera at either of those venues.

Last, but not least, I have to mention Harry Chapin. Great music, great live performance. He “wins” the Artist Who Said The F-word More Times In A Two Hour Period Than I Have Ever Heard In My Life award.


Before And After In May I posted this picture of…
August 18, 2006, 3:08 am
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Before And After

In May I posted this picture of my nineteen year old self with an afro. It was the 70’s. The hairstyle was popular. I was trying to be cool. Instead, I somewhat resembled Bozo the Clown. This picture does not do justice to the orange hue of my perm damaged hair. About three months after I got the fro, I decided I hated it (thank goodness!). I was a poor college student so rather than have my hair cut and styled by a professional, I let a friend cut all the perm frizz off. It never occurred to me that my hair, minus perm frizz, would be in layers so when my friend finished cutting my hair looked like brown venetian blinds. I was mortified and began to cry. Luckily, my friend kept her wits about her and decided we could get rid of the venetian blind layers by using a razor blade to create a short, spikey style.

This is my after picture. Needless to say, I have never permed my hair again.

I had forgotten that both these pictures were taken with me posed on the side of a mountain. The before picture was taken in Tennessee and the after picture was taken in Arkansas. And I was a college student, at the time, in Louisiana.

Back In The Saddle Again Just a quick post tonigh…
August 16, 2006, 12:46 am
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Back In The Saddle Again

Just a quick post tonight because I have paperwork to complete, lesson plans to write and music to practice. The first day back to work was a good one. Lots of meetings and greetings to people I haven’t seen since May. Our students don’t come back to school until Monday, August 21, but I did pick up my class rosters. I have 50 students in high school choir and 68 students in middle school choir ( yikes! ). Those two performing groups are my first two class periods of the day. After middle school choir, I drive across town to the upper elementary building where I remain for the rest of my day. I teach 5 classes of elementary music per day with an average of 20 students per class so I see many, many students every day. One wonderful thing about teaching music is that it is just so much fun!! And, I won a door prize at our faculty lunch today. I couldn’t believe it! First, Pioneer Woman’s photo caption contest and then a door prize. I take this as a good sign that I will have a “winner” of a school year….I know, I know…. I just couldn’t help myself!

The Last Day of Summer VacationToday was the last…
August 15, 2006, 1:46 am
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The Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today was the last day of my summer vacation. I did not spend the day finishing up my summer “to do” list. Instead, I picked some flowers.

I let my cat, Africa, in the house.

I took Cherokee for a walk. ( Jasper went on the walk, too. I just couldn’t get a good shot of them together. )

I played with Jasper.

I visited with my 80 year old neighbor. I talked to my mom and my nieces. I filled my bird waterers with fresh water. I cooked a steak on the grill and ate it with garlic bread and a salad. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with my friend Tiggerlane. And, I won Pioneer Woman’s photo caption contest. Yipee!! I ended summer vacation a winner!! What a perfect day.

Twelve Vivid Memories of My Life Before I Was Six …
August 10, 2006, 5:03 am
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Twelve Vivid Memories of My Life Before I Was Six

1. Watching my mom unpack things and put them in the kitchen cabinets of our new house.

2. Mom crying the day JFK was shot and watching the funeral with Mom on our 19″ Zenith black and white TV.

3. Being allowed to pack my Mary Poppins suitcase all by myself for an overnight trip with Dad and Mom to Shreveport, Louisiana.

4. Wondering why Mom and Dad brought a baby brother home from the hospital instead of the pet monkey that I requested.

5. Laying on the livingroom floor with the teenaged daughters of my parents’ friends and watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I clearly remember thinking that you couldn’t even hear the singers because all the dumb girls were screaming so loud.

6. Stripping down to my panties and running around the outside of my Granny W.’s house in the rain.

7. Sitting on Granny W.’s lap while she read me Bible stories.

8. Snow ice cream.

9. My mom laying in bed with me and singing songs before I went to sleep.

10. The murmur of my parents’ voices in the kitchen and the smell of coffee when I woke up in the morning.

11. Traveling on a passenger train with my Granny W. to visit my aunt and uncle in Louisiana.

12. Standing on the sidewalk in town and singing a church hymn at the top of my lungs while Mom tried to get me in the car.

Excellent Quote "Live your life and forget your a…
August 9, 2006, 7:13 am
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Excellent Quote

Live your life and forget your age.”
Norman Vincent Peale

House Hunting When I moved back …
August 9, 2006, 5:22 am
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House Hunting

When I moved back to Arkansas sixteen years ago, I knew I would buy a house. I had a list of exactly what I wanted: 1. a house in the country with enough land to support a horse 2. a big kitchen with either an island or a counter where friends could sit and talk while I cooked 3. loads of closet space 4. two bedrooms and two baths 5. a large porch.

After two weeks of camping out in my parents’ house, I was ready to start shopping. I contacted an agent, described what I was looking for, gave her my price range and set up a day of house hunting.

The first house the agent took me to was in a neighborhood within the city limits. The property featured a large, chain link fenced backyard that might have supported a horse for a day or two. Medium-sized kitchen, no island, no counter, lots of closet space, three bedrooms, two baths, no porch. Next house.

Smaller, older, still within the city limits, large front yard, small backyard, no fences, two bedrooms, one bath, small kitchen, no island, no counter, few closets, small porch. Next house.

On the fringe of the city limits, definitely a larger lot with lots of pine trees, but not enough land to support a horse or a goat, for that matter. At this point I mentioned to the agent that I really wanted a house in a more rural setting…..like with a pasture….with grass….for a horse……Next house.

Ok, this house was in the country. It was actually a trailer with a lean-to attachment in an overgrown pasture minus fences. I didn’t even check out the interior. Not that I have anything against trailers…..it just wasn’t what I wanted, ya know? Next house.

This house was fantastic. I could tell at first glance that it was way out of my price range. Several acres of land, four bedrooms, nice kitchen, small porch….I didn’t really check out the closet space. I couldn’t afford the house. I knew it and the agent knew it, too. End of day one of house hunting.

I was so disappointed and discouraged by my first experience with a realtor. Fourteen years of living in apartments didn’t prepare me for the reality of finding a house that meshed with what I really wanted. My parents took me out to dinner in an effort to pick up my spirits. As we were waiting to be seated, I studied a little bulletin board in the entryway of the restaurant. There it was!! A picture of a house with the words “For Sale” underneath it. A little house surrounded by trees with a huge screened porch all across the front and a wooden fence on 4.5 acres of land. “Mom, Dad, look at this house!” “I know that house,” Mom replied, “I just can’t remember where it is exactly.”

The next day we drove around in my parents’ country “neighborhood” and we found the house. My parents even knew who lived in it so we called and the owners invited us over to look at it. We drove across a cattle guard down a meandering drive to the little cabin-like house surrounded by trees and a wooden fence. I was sold. The huge, huge screened porch was the clincher. I didn’t even need to see the interior. I wanted this house. So…..I bought it. Small kitchen, no island, no counter, two closets, one bathroom, two small bedrooms…..I love it!!