A Day In The Life

Thursday, February 12
February 12, 2009, 10:35 pm
Filed under: My Life

I’m driving home late at night with ColdPlay so loud in the speakers that I couldn’t hear the siren of a state trooper if he was attached to my back bumper. The lyrics are echoing around in my head…..”when the truth is I miss you….yeah, the truth is that I miss you so…..” Suddenly I’m short of breath. My stomach is in that oh, so familiar clinch. And my heart…..hurts. And the person I’m thinking of with such familiarity….with such clarity that I can feel him, smell him, taste him…..is someone I haven’t laid eyes on in twenty-five years. Does it never end? That crazy, insane first love? I’m drowning in the mess we made of our life together. I’m lost in memories, both the good and the bad, as I’m flying down the highway with the ghost of Mick sitting next to me. Where is he? I don’t know. Somewhere. With a different wife and some kids. Do I really care where he is? No, but I’m so into the here and now of what I’m feeling. Familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. I loved him, but I couldn’t save him. I couldn’t save us. I did save myself. Sometimes that’s all a person can do. That and remember.


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Thank God you saved yourself.

Don’t you hate that….how the feelings can take you over in just a fraction of a second even after so many years have passed.

So, uh, was that state trooper trying to pull you over or just trying to pass?

This was deep.

Comment by Beckie

this is much to serious of a post to tell you to imagine him toothless and watching reruns of miami vice?

Comment by Pamela

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