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Saturday, January 17
January 18, 2009, 9:52 pm
Filed under: Nature

My “little” brother is 45 today.  Talked to him this morning before heading to Lake Wilhelmina for some bird watching.  Cold and windy at the lake.  Brrrr…..

Spotted two bald eagles sharing a tree branch.  They must have been huddled together for warmth.   Too far away for a decent picture.   I am always awed by the majesty of these birds.  The usual assortment of ducks were on the lake plus a large number of great blue herons.  And, surprisingly enough, I spotted a ruby-crowned kinglet fussing around in some grass on the shore.  The real sighting of the day occurred on my way home when I stopped on the river bridge to check out some ducks on the water.  As I focused in with my binoculars, I was amazed to see this odd fellow swimming along with a female counterpart.


The Hooded Merganser isn’t very common in this part of Arkansas. Definitely the first time I’d seen one.   What a treat!


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I love hooded mergansers!

Comment by Pamela

ps. when did you rename your blog?

Comment by Pamela

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