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He Asked For It
September 30, 2008, 9:18 pm
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My friend Tiggerlane will tell you that it is difficult to believe I was once entangled in an abusive relationship.   Tigger and I first crossed paths some nine years after the demise of my first marriage which was a nightmare of violence, manipulation and emotional blackmail.  Even now, twenty-four years later, the repercussions still echo through my life.  I am a different woman, but the past is not something easily erased.

Three years after my divorce I was living in Salisbury, Maryland.  I was no longer seeing a therapist, but was still involved in a battered spouse support group which met in a church in Ocean City. 

It was a lovely evening after an intensely emotional meeting of the support group.  I was feeling cleansed and very up beat as I got into my car for the drive back to Salisbury.  I popped a cassette into the tape deck and pulled up to the edge of the parking lot which opened onto a one-way street.  My blinker was on for the anticipated right hand turn.  I checked to the left for on-coming traffic and was accelerating to ease into the street when there was a sickening thud as a young man on a bicycle bounced off the front of my car.  It was a moment of absolute terror.  I had hit a human being with my car. 

The young man was on his feet and yelling at me by the time I opened my car door.  His bicycle lay mangled and crushed on the pavement.  The two other young male bicyclists who were with the man I  hit were talking and gesturing wildly.  Support group members were out of their cars and chattering directly behind me in the parking lot.  In the midst of the cacophony, I noticed that the young man was bleeding from scrapes on his knees and one elbow.  The police arrived.

I never saw the young man barreling down the side of the street on his bicycle.  He was going the wrong way on a one-way street.  The support group witnesses who were behind me in the parking lot told the police that the young man was on the bicycle with both arms raised in the air shouting, “Hit me! Hit me!”  I didn’t hear him.  After some blustering argument during which the young man threatened us all with the fact that his father was a lawyer, the young man and his companions admitted that the eyewitness accounts were accurate.  The police issued a citation to the young man whose primary concern seemed to be making me pay for his ruined bicycle.  One of the officers told him he could certainly file an insurance claim, but the policeman emphasized that I was not at fault in the accident. 

All in all it was a harrowing experience that could have been so much worse than it actually was.  I was horrified with the thought of what might have been.  But on the drive back home I laughed with the pure joy of relief and a bit of amusement.  Like one of my fellow abused spouse witnesses told the police, “He was moving fast against traffic on a one-way street.  His hands weren’t even on the handlebars and he was yelling ‘Hit me! Hit me!’  He asked for it.”


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What a story! I can only imagine that sickening thud….

It is maddening to think that he was trying to get hit and then threatened you with lawyer father. Just irritating.

Comment by Beckie

That is a bizarro tale! Thank goodness you had all those witnesses…

I’m sure you replayed the impact in your head a bit, after realizing you had hit a jerk. Satisfying, in a way!

Comment by Tiggerlane

At first that was gut wrenching – but then kind of funny. He did ask for it!!!!

Comment by Karmyn R

I agree — this post took me to a dark place, and then made me laugh. I gotta agree that he deserved it! YAY for witnesses! Glad all ended well too! My stomach dropped at the thought of the thud….

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

I hit an old man once. Well he actually hit me- he ran his bike through a red light. hit my left front bumper and slow-mo’d over my hood. I was just beginning to pull out into the street on the green signal.

He got up — he was okay. I didn’t see him because there was a car that came to a stop for the red light – and the old biker just went around the car in the turn lane and into the intersection.

When you see it and hear it it sure makes you feel sick

Was that biker high or something?

Comment by Pamela

Wow, I can only imagine that you never very forget that split second… I’m so sorry you went through that. People are just amazingly stupid!

On that note, I hope you’ll join the RAK movement for Fun Monday this week! It’s not too late.



Comment by MommyWizdom

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