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It’s My Party I Can Cry If I Want To
July 30, 2008, 9:06 pm
Filed under: My Life

Well, the day finally arrived. Songbird is officially fifty! Mom organized a ‘family only’ party to celebrate the big event.

My nieces love to make my birthdays extra special. H., in the front, is twelve and her sister, M., in the back, is fourteen. H. told Grandma that she would make my birthday cake. H. wanted to make the cake in the shape of Jasper, but after much thought, she decided her mom didn’t have a pan or platter large enough for a Dachshund-shaped cake. So she thumbed through magazines and cook books for ideas and found a three-tiered wedding cake that she just knew would be special enough for her aunt.

H. cooked and created this cake all by herself! The bottom tier is frosted with chocolate icing because that is H.’s favorite. The middle tier is iced with vanilla frosting because that is my favorite and the top is left plain because M. prefers no icing at all. H. just had to include a tribute to Jasper!

It took several hours only a few moments to light all the candles.

Voila! The fabulous blazing birthday cake!

And here I am. The over the hill birthday girl!


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Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each update.

Comment by 1Brickshy

You look fabulous, Darling, absolutely fabulous!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I can tell that a lot of love went into that cake.

Comment by Beckie

Could you look any better or happier? I think NOT! HAPPY Birthday! I’m glad you were born!!! May this year be better than all the preceded it. Wishing you blessings and a long happy life! You have only just begun!

Comment by thegrimreality

That looks like a very Happy Birthday and what a lovely cake.

Comment by chrisb

I’ve never seens such a tanfabulous cake!! ah ha!
Fifty looks good on you.
Glad you had such a special day.

Comment by Pamela

Happy Birthday! (well, belated now). Looks like a great party.

Comment by Karmyn R

I’m just now catching up with my blog-reading …. otherwise my HAPPY BIRTHDAY would’ve been closer to on-time!!

I gotta give the girls credit for wanting to make a weiner-dog shaped cake. That rocks!

Comment by Ms. H

It looks as though you had a fantastic time (no tears at your party!)

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

Comment by Susan

Happy Birthday!

Comment by Vicki

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