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The Most Terrific Holiday
July 13, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Penny asked us to write about our favorite birthday celebration for this Fun Monday assignment.  I really couldn’t think of a favorite party for myself or for anyone else.  I love all birthdays!  They are the most terrific holiday of all holidays because they honor our very existence.  Oh, I know, as I’ve gotten older I’ve moaned and groaned about the years, but deep down inside I love celebrating my birthday.  It is my own personal holiday that celebrates and honors the unique person that is me. And what better way to celebrate one’s family and friends! Everyone has his or her special personal holiday and life is a cause for celebration and joy!

As I searched for pictures to scan and post, I came across my third birthday celebration.  There are so many dear memories in this picture that it literally takes my breath away.  My Granny W. who celebrated her 90th and final birthday in 1987, is in the background outside hanging clothes on the line.  Her gardening hat is on top of her wringer washing machine.  I have my first piano and sheet music.  Granny’s wooden recipe box is sitting on a table.  And Mom made my dress from ‘eyelash’ gingham so called for the red, whispy threads that decorate the black and white checks of the material.  I don’t remember all these details from my actual third birthday.  Way too long ago!  But Mom still has Granny’s recipe box and I kept my piano until it fell apart thirty years or so after I received it. 

My dad who died two days before his 64th birthday in 2001, worked for Shipley Baking Company for thirty years. Mom usually made my birthday cakes, but I celebrated my twelfth birthday with a cake from Shipley’s. Bakery cakes were a rare treat. I remember feeling quite special sharing this huge, pink rose bedecked cake with my birthday party guests.  I always loved having a summer birth date.  We almost always celebrated outdoors with swimming parties, watermelon, cake, homemade ice cream, cookouts and other summer time activities.  And I could have my parties on my actual birthday whereas some of my friends whose birthdays fell during the school year had to wait for the nearest weekend to have parties. 

My nieces are special every day of the year.  I don’t get to spend their birthdays with them as much as I used to, but they still love making my birthday a big event.  H. likes chocolate frosting and M. likes vanilla, so my grown up birthday cakes are often quite interesting in appearance.  They just stick a random number of candles on the cake since accuracy isn’t important to their aunt at this point in her life!  M. is now 14 and H. is 12, but they still make sure I have a birthday cake and plenty of candles every year. 

We may not appreciate the celebration of passing years as much as we did when we were younger, but it is my sincere hope that you all honor yourselves on your very own personal holiday.  Life, after all, is such a precious gift and should be celebrated with joy!


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I love how you included those that you love in your life in you post. Thanks so much for playing.

Comment by IamwhoIam

Impressive birthday photos for this week’s prompt. I enjoyed the stories behind each photo…and how you remember it all so well. I personally find that celebrating life daily is what we do at our home, not just one particular day of the year. You have such a wonderful, terrific smile. Beautiful girl.

Comment by Hootin' Anni

What fantastic memories and pictures! No one in our family has a summer birthday. But I can only imagine how awesome it must be to have one!

Comment by Irish Coffeehouse

what a wonderful post! i too did not have very many store bought cakes. And i didn’t have many people at my parties either. Usually only cousins. But, they were the best birthdays EVER! Happy Monday!

Comment by iPost

Your photos are so fun to look at, and I love your two tone cake! Your nieces sound lovely. And I love the joy you took in having a bakery cake – it’s things like that that make some days so memorable!

Comment by Heather

What beautiful birthday photos and I enjoyed seeing the photo of your 3rd birthday. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Mary

What wonderful memories. Your two nieces look very cheeky and I love the half and half cake. Great pictures too. I really need a scanner.

Comment by Jo Beaufoix

That first picture is amazing – the layers of memory make it absolutely priceless!

Comment by Sayre

grandma working right up until the cake is served — ??
I think that generation worked from dawn until their head hit the pillow.

Love that picture.

Comment by Pamela

I love all of these photos but the first one is my favorite. It’s so special. Thanks for sharing the memories.

Comment by hulagirlatheart

That is a great post~ I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with you. Cute photos.

Comment by chrisb

Thanks for sharing your memories and photos with us today … such wonderful stories ;–)
Hugs and blessings,

Comment by storyteller

I think that there is a strong resemblance between the aunt and her nieces. Another nice thing about the third birthday picture is you are featured as an aspiring musician with your own piano.

Comment by Molly

that is such a sweet post and the photos are priceless

Comment by grace

I seem to remember attending a birthday celebration at your home for a very special pooch – I was SURE this post would be all about him!

Comment by Tiggerlane

Great birthday memories. Pictures are a wonderful way tto bring back the past.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Man

I love finding pictures from when I was younger that have memories tucked away inside to pick out!
I have a January birthday so you are one of those kids I was always jealous of who could celebrate on their bday outside even…

Comment by my4kids

great post..I love all the pictures. I also have a summer birthday and have always loved it!!

Comment by Alison

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