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Decisions, Decisions
June 30, 2008, 10:54 pm
Filed under: Nature

My lovely neighbor, Mrs. M., will celebrate 83 years of life this month. She is a wonderful person who loves flowers and gardening as much as I do. She bemoans the fact that she can’t work outside as much as she could in her younger years, but she still maintains some beautiful flower beds. My birthday is also this month. I tease Mrs. M. relentlessly about only being 14 days older than me. She loves it. We get together to celebrate our birthdays every year and we always exchange gifts.

My tiger lilies are exceptionally beautiful this year; at least I think they are. I took a gazillion pictures today and the shots below are my favorites of the tiger lilies. I want to have one or some of these pictures matted and framed for my gift to Mrs. M. My problem is, I can’t make up my mind. This is where you come in. Which shot or shots do you like best? I was thinking I’d have three 4×6 pictures matted in one frame. But I can’t decide if that would be best. Maybe I should stick with one 8×10 or maybe three 5×7’s in separate frames. Again, what do you think? I really will appreciate your opinions! I inserted my mom’s comments to get you started.

Too much sky, not enough flower although I like how you captured the sun shining through the petals. It’s a little too dark.

The petal details are nice, but you cut off the stamens. I can see your propane tank in the background.

Hmmmmm…..I like this one alot.

This is nice. It looks like the petals are on fire.  I like the buds in the background.

This one is real good.

I like this one, but I like the single flowers better.


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I’m with your mom…I like #3, 4, 5.

Comment by Ms. H

I agree with your mom, also. I think the three pictures matted in one frame would look great.

Comment by musickm

If I had to pick just one, it would be #2…just because I like tight macro shots. But I like hte idea of matting three of them together. Although, I have to say that the last one makes me think of spiders crawling around.

And I can’t think of a nicer gift! 🙂

Comment by Susan

Number 4 gets my vote… simply beautiful!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Comment by Jodi

I love lilies! Great photos 🙂

Comment by Kila

I think #5 is my favorite. Tough choice, whew!

Comment by Kila

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