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Reunions and Quirks
June 28, 2008, 11:36 pm
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This is one of the busiest weekends of the summer.  The school I attended from first through twelfth grades (we didn’t have kindergarten or pre-school in the school district back then) holds its reunion every other year on the last weekend in June.  At each reunion, two classes are ‘officially’ recognized as part of the celebration.  My class, the Class of 1976, was honored along with the seniors of 1977 this year.  The school auditorium is open all day on Saturday.  The reunion committee has an archives room that people can explore and many folks bring memorabilia to share with those who attend.  In the late afternoon, there is a program during which the former students, teachers and administrators who have passed away since the previous reunion are honored.  The program is followed by a catered dinner.  The reunion is a huge deal.  Our school district was very small (my class was a large one with 21 graduates if that tells you anything).  People of all ages come from all over the place to the reunion.  We had around 300 people in attendance for the program and meal.  The oldest graduate attending was a member of the Class of 1932 and the person who traveled the farthest to attend came from San Francisco. 

Many people get together with just their classes Friday evening before the actual reunion.  My brother and I grilled steaks for our parents’ classes Friday night.  (We’ll do just about anything for a free meal.) 

My family has a reunion on Sunday and I was drafted to supply all the desserts for that event.  So, in between grilling steaks and spending most of today in the auditorium visiting with people, I’ve been baking cakes. 

Finally, I have arrived at the Fun Monday part of my post.  Lisa of Lisa’s Chaos wants us to talk about our quirks.  I’ll be honest with you.  I looked up obsessive-compulsive behavior before I began my post because I kept thinking my quirks sounded a little OCD.  Regardless, here they are:

1.   I simply have to wear earrings.  I wear them when I’m mowing, gardening, hauling hay, or just    sitting around doing nothing.  On the very rare occasion that I forget to adorn my ears, I keep rubbing my ear lobes until they are red.  I’ve actually begun keeping a pair of earrings in my purse because the last time I was running late for school and forgot to put earrings on, my students commented throughout the day about my red ears. 

2.   I love pillows.  I have fifteen pillows on my bed.  I sleep with six of the pillows and the other nine are decorative.  I have a pillow ritual.  One of the sleeping pillows is for Jasper who sleeps at my side.  Then I have two stacks of two pillows each and I center the fifth pillow on those stacks for me.  The nine decorative pillows are put on the bed and taken off the bed in a specific order.  (This sounds so bizarre it makes me cringe, but it’s the truth!)

3.   I cannot stand when someone erases everything off a blackboard or whiteboard except for one little spot.  This was a real problem when I was in college.  When a professor left a little swirl of a letter or part of a number on the board, I could not effectively concentrate on the lecture.  I would obsess about that little doodle remaining on the board.  Many times I got up and erased the offending mark myself.  If I was in a large lecture hall with hundreds of other students, I was too embarrassed to erase the board so I squirmed and wiggled and usually ended up having to get the lecture notes from a fellow student.  As an adult, the mark left on the board still irritates me, but my ability to focus on the subject matter is much better.   

Ok, I’ve totally revealed myself as a complete weirdo which is really making me squirm in my desk chair, but I’m wearing earrings, my board is completely erased and all my pillows are in order so I guess I’ll survive.  Check out more quirks at Lisa’s


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OK…so maybe you are a teensy bit OCD. At least it’s only three minor things…that you’ve told us about!

Happy Baking!

Comment by Susan

The question is when did you get you ears pierced oh wait maybe they’re not and you wear clip-on? Poor ears.

Yea, that speck can get to a person

Thanks for playing

Comment by IamwhoIam

Your reunion sounds awesome! I graduated with over 400 kids. Haven’t been to one reunion yet. I prefer my college reunions.

I stopped wearing earrings regularly when my kids would grab on and not let go. Now I usually just wear them when I dress up.

Comment by Heather

Love your blackboard quirk! One pillow for me to sleep on. And I stopped wearing earings daily when I retired some time ago.

Comment by Olive

I share your first 2 quirks! Without earrings is like being naked…and I need MORE pillows to go to sleep! 🙂

Comment by Mariposa

Pillows seem to be a common quirk.
There is a small town near here that some of our family attended – and it is just like that. People are so invested in the reunions.
I must admit to being the same way about a squiggle left on a black or white board. It just irritates.

Comment by Pamela

Oh dear. If I am ever back in the classroom (I am a teacher, now a stay-at-home mom), I will have to remember that doodle thing in case there are any kids out there with the same quirk!

Comment by Tracey

I love wearing earrings too. Now I’m retired, and I still wear them, daily. At one time, I even had the idea of getting 365 pairs…one for every day of the year. [ran out of room]

My FM is posted…come on over!!

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I want to see you hauling hay in earrings! There are a lot of us multiple pillow users out there.

Comment by Jeanna

I use to need to wear earrings all the time too. Then all of the sudden this need left. I feel better with them in, but I can now live if I forget to put them in. 🙂

Comment by Debs Buzz

Okay – the pillows are removed in an ORDER? Just weird. But the leftover chalk marks on the board used to bother me enormously, too…so we have a common quirk!

BTW, tried to get Roger to go to the reunion…maybe next year! I think he would have fun.

Comment by Tiggerlane

Ok, so maybe a touch OCD but that’s ok. I feel the same way about blackboards. 🙂 The earrings however, I only wear on rare occasions.

Thanx for playing!

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

The reunions sound wonderful. 668 graduated in my high school class. Our high school was so crowded that we went to school in shifts; it was so impersonal. Even if your quirks are OCD, they seem relatively harmless unless you ran to the front the class interrupted the lecturing professor about the spot on the board and then ran out of the room screamimg because you were earringless.

Comment by Molly

You really wear earrings all the time? What a great accessory. And, I don’t think they are odd. Just a little ocd.

Comment by anglophilefootballfanatic

WOW! 15 pillows huh? I think I have pillow envy. We have 11, and that’s where it’s to end at (supposedly). lol

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Irish Coffeehouse

I can appreciate a woman who owns her quirks! Nine pillows? Instead of quantity, I lean toward function like a wing shaped reading pillow.

Enjoy the reunions and congrats for being brave enough to go!

Comment by Faye

you are too funny!! I can totally see my daughter having the chalk/white board quirk…she would do the same thing you do!!

Comment by Alison

I am with you on the stray marks on the board. I could never concentrate either! lol.

I love your reunion story. I was one of just over 500 graduates in my class. I am fascinated by the fact that you celebrate this every other year and your parents attend too. Wild! Love it!

Comment by robinellablog

Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard about a blackboard quirk. Sounds like something NLM would have issues with, too.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

I have pierced ears, but almost NEVER wear earrings.

Comment by Sayre

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