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Southern Nights
June 24, 2008, 10:27 pm
Filed under: Life in the South

The mimosa tree in my back yard is in full flower. I can smell the sweet blossoms the minute I step out my door. The scent is intoxicating in the warm night air as I sit on my porch and watch the fireflies work their magic.

My mom just had a new deck built and the man who did the job brought her some fresh produce from his garden. He brought her so much that she shared it with me so earlier this evening I cooked a good southern supper for Mom.

My favorite way to cook fresh squash is to sautee it with sweet Vidalia onions in butter. Yummy! We also had black-eyed peas, pork chops and cornbread.

And, of course, we had to have some salted, sliced cucumbers. The only thing that would have made the meal better is sliced tomatoes from the garden. We’ll have to wait a little longer for those. 


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What a difference in climate – our zucchini and squash plants are just BARELY coming up.

Comment by Karmyn R

I have only seen fireflies twice in my life. Once when we lived in TN and once when we visited Arkansas.

The veggies looked delish.

Comment by Beckie

My red box spaghetti box certainly didn’t measure up to these photos. Is there anything more delicious than dinner of everything that’s ready to eat from the garden? Hope my friends are working in their community garden right now and have planted way too much for two people.

Comment by Faye

Your mimosa moment was great. The veggies…even better. I’ve been making pickled cucumbers for weeks, and I’m getting impatient over my tomatoes. I survey the garden every night hoping for a tinge of pink.

Comment by hulagirlatheart

I have not seen a mimosa tree in a long while. The veggies look yummy. I LOVE black eye peas, cornbread, and pork chops. I have not thought to sautéed squash with sweet Vidalia onions. Oh now I am hungry!

Comment by Debs Buzz

I too love me some tomatoes! I’ll be glad when our plants put some on. I’m not much into squash or onions though.

Now your Mimosa photo took me back to my childhood. The neighbor girls (sister) I played with all through grade school had them in their yard. 🙂

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

we cut our first zucchini into our salad two nights ago. It was yummy.
I love frying it like you suggest, tho.

Comment by Pamela

The cucumbers look absolutely delicious!!!
Have a great weekend!

Comment by Jodi

Wow, I thought mimosa’s were just drinks! Your post made me crave veggies… be careful I think that means the sky must be falling! Our fireflies are trying to work magic for us, but we keep having to retreat due to mosquito madness!

Comment by GrimRealityGirl

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