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June 22, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Another Fun Monday has arrived! The Hula Girl asked us to show and tell about articles of clothing. Stuff that we’ve hung on to for one reason or another over time.

These are my daddy’s boots. He was a cowboy through and through. He bought me my first horse when I was six and we rode a lot together over the years. When Daddy died in 2001, Mom asked if I wanted his boots. They normally sit on a little bench in my living room, but I put them on top of my entertainment center for a better picture.

When I was a little girl, Daddy’s family drew names for Christmas gift giving. One of my cousins got my name one year when she was just learning to sew. She made this apron for me. The trim is tiny black rickrack. It has three little pockets across the bottom. I wore this apron when I “cooked” and I also loved wearing it when I colored. For some reason, I liked taking all my crayons out of the box and putting them in the apron pockets.

Now, I apologize to The Hula Girl for straying away from clothes, but I really wanted to show everyone the other side of my porch. Last Monday I posted about the invisible walls of my screened porch.  This Monday I want you to get the interior view.

The porch runs the entire length of my house and is approximately half the width of my house. As you can see, I have a lot of room on my porch! There are screen doors at each end. This shot is facing west to the front entrance to my house.  The door into the house is on the left. And there is Jasper sitting behind the green chair at the table. You can see his doggie door on the bottom right side of the screen door.

I have two large cabinets on the porch. One is painted red and contains a collection of pottery and antique mixing bowls. This white cabinet originally had doors at the top. One door broke so I took them both off. I really like the open shelves much better.

This shot is taken from the front door of the porch toward the east end.  You can’t really tell in the pictures, but there are small spaces between the boards of the floor so I can just bring my garden hose right up on the porch and spray the floor down for the ‘heavy’ cleaning I do two or three times a year.  The rest of the time I use a broom.  You can see some wet spots on the floor because I just finished major cleaning.    And the white paint streaks on the floor are from when I painted the doors of my kitchen cabinets.  I had newspapers laid down, but I still managed to get paint where it shouldn’t have been.  Oh, well, it adds to the character.  Hope you enjoyed my boots, apron and  porch tour!


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Next time I get behind on grading those blasted journals I make the kids write, I’m packing ’em up and bringing ’em to your house. I’m gonna plant myself at that table so I can check out the Arkansas wilderness while I read about adolescent weirdness. How’s that sound?

Comment by Ms. H

The boots and the apron are memories of good people and good times. Of course, you used the pockets for your crayons. Three pockets in an apron are the perfect place to store one’s crayons. I did enjoy the tour.

Comment by Molly

Those boots are so fabulous. How lucky you are to have them as a memory of your father. And I love the little apron. So sweet and such great memories attached.

Comment by Heather

I love that you have your father’s boots in view!!! What a dear memory memento!! And I’m glad you ‘strayed’ away from the theme and shared your porch! Wow!!!

My F M is shared, it’s not much, but it’s there, posted.

Comment by Hootin' Anni

The boots are a real link to the past. Also, the porch space is really great living space.

Comment by daddy d

do you have any critters that crawl up between the boards?

I’d love to have a screened porch. I’d sleep in it during the summer

Comment by Pamela

What an unbelievable porch. In fact I think I have porch envy now.

Comment by nikki

Oh, the boots remind me of my granddad who was a ‘cowboy’ of sorts. He bought me my first horse. What a wonderful memory they conjured up for me. Thanks.
I’m headed over with a cup of tea to sit on that wonderful porch. Wow! What a great place.

Comment by Swampy

That porch is about the neatest thing I have ever seen – WOW. I want to come sit a spell.

Love the boots – they kind of go along with my Daddy’s wool shirt that I can’t get rid of. Memories.

Comment by Beckie

What great mementos! I love the boots and apron. And I love the porch. I could sit and read there for hours. Thanks for taking part in Fun Monday!

Comment by hulagirlatheart

It’s wonderful you have your Dads boots. I’d keep them on display, too. Love the apron, what a lasting gift. Thanks for the great post and the rest of the tour or your porch.

Comment by Jan

Your dad’s boots are wonderful, really gorgeous. and I want your porch, it is amazing. I can’t imagine having all that space as well as a house. Brilliant. 😀

Comment by Jo Beaufoix

I sewed aprons too! In fact, I think I might sew some more now that I’m a grownup person. I wish I had some of the stuff I sewed when I was younger. Each thing was a true labor of love because honestly? I stink at sewing. But I still enjoy it!

Comment by Sayre

Great items! I love that you put your crayons in the pockets. So sweet.

Comment by robinellablog

I’m glad your Mom gave you your dad’s boots. That was very generous of her. And didn’t we all learn to sew by making aprons. I still have a few and wear them when I take Willie to the kennel to keep dog hair off my traveling clothes.

When I scrolled down to your peorch photos my reaction was an out loud “Oh my gosh”. what a wonderful living space–I would never go inside.

Comment by Faye

I am still doing FM rounds, those boots are lovely

Comment by Grace

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