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June 19, 2008, 5:40 pm
Filed under: Family

My nieces have been visiting this week and being the sly, slightly devious aunt that I am, I decided it was a perfect time to paint my hideous laundry room. My nieces are young; MCR is 14 and HMR is 12 and they don’t weigh very much. I’m not old, but I’m certainly a few years past 12 and 14. The clincher was the weight issue. I just wave at 100 pounds as it flies by on the scales and in order to paint the laundry room standing on the washer and dryer was required. That and being able to squeeze behind the washer and dryer because I can’t move the appliances by myself. So you see where I’m going with this….my nieces were perfect for the job.

MCR is petite and fast. A wonderful athlete who excels at any sport. She plays basketball, soccer and is the pitcher for her softball team. What she lacks in heighth, she makes up for in speed and the sheer determination to win. I’ve proudly watched her out run and out play boys (and girls ) twice her size on the soccer field. She never complains and she never gives up. MCR is quiet, shy and very confident in her abilities without a hint of arrogance. She amazes me.

HMR is tall and leggy. She is also an excellent athlete, but she is in the game for fun more than anything else. She plays basketball and soccer, but isn’t into softball that much. Too much idle time in the game. She is outspoken and rarely quiet. She loves music and can be quite the little performer when she puts her mind to it. HMR can be a bit of a know-it-all, but she is so funny and ditzy at the same time that it doesn’t really matter.  She amazes me, too.

They really worked well together and did a very good job for their dear tubby aunt. And if appliances could sigh in relief, I’m sure my washer and dryer were doing just that.

After the girls did all the painting above and behind the appliances, I finished up on the sides.  Then, of course, I had to decorate those glossy white walls.


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Awesome pics! Any chance your nieces would want to come paint vacation in Texas? They could totally bring their aunt!!

Comment by Ms. H

Man!! My little html experiment failed. “Paint” was supposed to be the only word crossed out!! dagnabbit!

Comment by Ms. H

looks great, too.

Comment by Pamela

Great job! Do they hire out? My laundry room could use a fresh coat of paint too.

Comment by Tara R.

You are a brave, brave woman to let teens have a paint brush. But they did a fantastic job!

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

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