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Five For Five
April 13, 2008, 9:24 pm
Filed under: Fun Monday

The Nekked Lizards are hosting a double nickel Fun Monday. Our assignment is to post five pictures and use only five words to describe or explain each picture. I went one step further and used only five words to explain five pictures.

I love life in Arkansas!


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you made it even easier.
I sure want to visit Arkansas after all the photos that you’ve posted.

Comment by Pamela

what beautiful pictures, it is no wonder you like living there!!

Comment by Alison

From these photos I think I would love Arkinsas!

Comment by chrisb

i wish we had flowers!

Comment by jill

I went to Arkansas once. Scott, Arkansas, to be exact. 🙂

Comment by Megan

Arkansas is beautiful in the spring! Love the Dogwood.

Comment by giveitatry

Great tribute to your state. We have three pitiful dogwoods in the back. The dunce who lived here first planted them in a terrible location and the landscapers said if we moved them they wouldn’t survive the move. Too bad, really. I love dogwoods.

Comment by Robinella

Dang – I must have broken the rules. I thought it was five words for each photo! DOH!

Comment by Tiggerlane

These are some great photos. I love the dogwood! It’s great that you enjoy the place where you live…

Comment by Ellen

This is the best time of the year for our state.

Comment by Betty

I can see why you do. When my husband and I were driving truck, I think the two states that surprised me the most with their beauty were Arkansas and Oklahoma. Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Comment by Sandy

After seeing your pictures, I’d love to visit Arkansas. Great job.

Comment by Beth

I sure do miss the colorful spring times. (our cactus might bloom this year… fingers crossed). Good choices, great 1-liner for all 5 pictures. Thanks for playing.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

Great pictures, Songbird, and your caption certainly does the job. I especially like the picture looking down the road.

Comment by Molly

Fantastic photos! My favorite is the third one with those gorgeous purple flowersleaves?? So pretty.

Comment by Joy T.

Wow. What a beautiful place you live in. Fabulous. 😀

Comment by Jo Beaufoix

Ooohhh very pretty scenery! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Irish Coffeehouse

great photos!!!

they remind me of OKLA.

I like Arkansas….I hope we get to go camping there soon.

Comment by barngoddess

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