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Quirky and Dark
April 2, 2008, 10:05 pm
Filed under: Nature, Odds and Ends

Tim Burton has been described as a director “notable for the quirky and often dark atmosphere” of his high-profile films. Here is my own feeble attempt at creating a quirky, dark atmosphere.  Too bad I don’t have Johnny Depp to collaborate with. 


Dark centurions muffle the ghostly echo of hoofbeats.


Vultures decorate limbs like macabre Christmas ornaments.


Leafless claws stretch toward an unforgiving blue sky.


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Nice! Amber would like this post…but the last photo? A little too bright for Tim!

Comment by Tiggerlane

If the last one was black and white, it would be very Hitchcockian. I prefer Hitchcock to Burton, myself.

Comment by Sandy

You could have had Johnny Depp if you would have been in our area last week. They shot scenes from his new movie there. It was outstanding. He took the time two nights in a row to meet and greet the fans that came out to watch. What a guy.

Comment by gawilli

oooohhh.. you’re good. Or your bad. Well, you know what I mean.

Comment by Pamela

Oooooo… I like the vulture tree. I think you sufficiently succeeded in producing a macabre scene. (“Patience h**l, I’m gonna go kill somethin’!”)

Comment by Tara R.

wonderful! feeble, not hardly, excellent!

I am a huge Tim Burton fan…as well a Depp fan.

very good, the vultures are my favorite by far.

Comment by barngoddess

The vultures win the creepy contest! I don’t know if I would have survived the sight!

Comment by GrimRealityGirl

I am a big Tim Burton (and Johnny Depp) fan. I hope you have an outside light on at night…

Comment by Nekked Lizard Man

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