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They’re Here
March 31, 2008, 9:08 pm
Filed under: Nature

My nieces gave me tulip and daffodil bulbs for Christmas.  I posted a picture from the carton of tulipa Mickey Mouse in a January post.   These flowers are so beautiful.  I could hardly wait for them to poke their heads through the earth and burst into bloom. 


It is raining (again) in Arkansas. I took these pictures around six this evening during a slight lull in the downpour.


Aren’t these magnificent flowers?   They haven’t fully opened yet, but it looks as though they will have ruffled edges.  I wanted to get some closer shots, but it was too wet and muddy for kneeling or laying down for that perfect close up.


I’ll take more pictures when the blooms have opened a bit more.  What a perfect gift from two wonderful nieces!!


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The colors are beautiful! My tulips have been in the ground for a few years now and I haven’t done anything special for them – they are beginning to look a little puny.

Comment by giveitatry

I had my first tulip open on Sunday and will be posting a photo tomorrow. Yours are very pretty.

Comment by chrisb

Those are gorgeous! I love the yellow and red. I look forward to more photos.

Comment by Tara R.

stunning! whenever mine bloom, I hope they are half as beautiful as yours…those are great colors.

Comment by barngoddess

I love tulips of all colors and types.

Comment by Betty

My gosh, they are gorgeous. I just love bulbs. I have such a black thumb that bulbs are my salvation. I put them in the ground. If they don’t come up, I have forgotten they were planted. If they do come up, it is such a wonderful surprise!

Comment by Sandy

tulips at twilight. gorgeous

Comment by Pamela

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