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The Tea Set
March 10, 2008, 9:05 pm
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Almost fifty years ago Mom gave birth to her first child…..me. Mom was a bit of a tomboy and was never into frills, ruffles, tea parties, pink and other stereotypical accouterments once associated with little girls. Mom was amazed and somewhat shocked that her daughter absolutely loved all the trappings and finery of little girldom.


I would have dressed like this every single day if only Mom had let me. In fact, Mom recalls having some major battles trying to get me into shorts or pants. Let’s face it, I simply came into the world with an innate sense of style.  Even my pajamas had ruffles. 

When I was three years old, I began telling anyone who would listen that I wanted Santa to bring me a tea set.  I craved a beautiful tea set so I could throw fabulous tea parties for all my dolls.  And I requested furniture for entertaining purposes.  Santa Claus heard my pleas and for my third Christmas I received a lovely tea set adorned with pink roses plus a table and chairs.


Notice Mom and Dad’s influence with the little red wagon. It was very handy for lugging all my dolls around.   Amazing that I can recall the name of every doll in this picture while I still have trouble with some of my third grade students’ names.  See that happy face?  I was so excited about the tea set and about Christmas in general I suspect. 

Almost forty-seven years later I still have my tea set.  It wasn’t a toy that sat on a shelf either.  I really used it, but I also took great care with it because it was such a wonderful thing to call my own. 


I can remember playing restaurant with my brother and sister when they were old enough for me to trust them with my precious tea set. I would cut pictures of food out of magazines and serve it up out of my closet kitchen while brother and sister took turns being the waiter and customer. I even made menus for my chic bedroom bistro.


It was always a huge thrill when Mom let me serve Kool-aid, lemonade or even water from my tea pot. Then, when the tea party was over, I got to stand on the step ladder and carefully wash my dishes in the real kitchen sink. Such a shame that I no longer feel the same giddy joy when it comes to washing dishes.


The tea set originally had a service for six, but even with the best of care a few mishaps occurred over the years. I no longer have the sugar bowl and I lost quite a bit of the silverware. Two of my tea cups have the handles broken off, but I still have all the serving pieces and all six of the dinner plates, tea cups and saucers. 

I was disappointed that neither of my nieces were very interested in playing with my tea set.  Are tea sets simply a thing of the past or am I just the only oddball girly girl in my family? 

Someday when my nieces have graduated college with advanced degrees, they will fall in love with handsome princes and have daughters of their own.  And if the fairy tale plays out like their dear old aunt imagines, the tea set will once again be cherished by a little girl who adores pink roses, ruffles and serving tea.


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Wow…you got that beautiful tea set as a small child?!!! And it’s still mostly intact? I’m so impressed.

My girls both loved tea parties. They each had several childhood sets and we played mix and match. I think that I had just as much fun as they did. I guess you’ll just have to wait for the grandnieces…

Comment by Susan

My mom had a tea set that she would let me play with. Of course my brothers had played with it before I came along and the set had a few breaks and bruised to show for their roughness. I never had one of my very own.

Yours is lovely. You were a very cute little girl!

Comment by giveitatry

That is just lovely. My own tea set was blue and white, plastic I think, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you where it went. Now that I am older, I wish I had been more careful and conscientious.

Comment by Sandy

I was given a china tea set around the age of 6 – and I wasn’t into that sort of thing, so just boxed it up and left it alone. I don’t know whatever happened to it – which bums me out now, because my daughter would LOVE IT!!

So cool you still have yours!

Comment by Karmyn R

I’m totally amazed. I would break it in minutes.

Comment by Pamela

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