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Ducks and Daffodils
March 2, 2008, 12:21 am
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It’s Fun Monday!  This weeks’ thrilling event is hosted by none other than Janet from the Planet of Janet who directed us to release our life story as a movie trailer.  Action!!

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!!!

The amazing story of an extraordinary duck in an ordinary pond.


She was a duck with the voice of a Songbird who dreamed of starring in a Daffodil review.


In her younger years, she pictured herself in a golden tu-tu warbling in the chorus line.  She studied music, sang in choirs and worked hard to make her dreams a reality.


There were hard times in her life when she felt like swimming away from it all.  The songs in her heart grew faint and difficult to hear.


But life’s hardships would not overpower this extraordinary duck who discovered she possessed a magical golden crown which enabled her to teach other ducks to sing like Songbirds.


There were  days when all she heard sounded like muck on the bottom of the pond, but she stuck her tail in the air and kept on singing and teaching.


Because, in her heart, this extraordinary duck knew she was truly the Daffodil Diva.

Check out trailers of other new releases at From the Planet of Janet.


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I am participating this week and wanted to see someone else’s first before I did mine. I like how you worked the trailer!

Comment by Karmyn R

Outstanding job! You absolutely rocked this week’s assignment. Congrats – and congrats on being the Daffodil Diva!

Comment by myanderings

Yours is MUCH more creative than mine….

I would love to see your movie!

Comment by Sauntering Soul

Gotta love any move with duck butts!

I’m still working on mine…not sure if it is a comedy or a tragedy!

Comment by Tiggerlane

MOVIE, I mean. My hands aren’t working this morning.

Comment by Tiggerlane

The duck in the muck, the daffodil diva… what more could a person want in a movie. So cool, so creative!

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

clap clap clap. encore!!!!

Comment by Pamela

You’ll have a lot better chance at pitching your movie than some of the rest of us–very creative. And, one to keep and rewind when things get touch!

Comment by Faye

A great coming of age film! Love the duck butts! LOL! I’d give it 4 1/2 stars… the extra 1/2 for the duck butts alone!

Have a Fun Monday!

Comment by JennV

How pretty and really makes me want spring! not anytime here soon..more snow today more snow this week!!

Comment by jettied

This is adorable…and I like it a lot. “G” rated for everyone!!!

5 stars!!!

Hurry on over, my fantasy flick is beginning right now, and you don’t want to miss the opening scene!!

Comment by Hootin' Anni

That was great! Next time, we shall all be played by animals!

Comment by Sayre

I would like to see this movie. Great job!!!

Comment by Simply Jenn

VERY NICE! And the cinematography for this movie would be beautiful, I can just see it now.

Comment by Karina

BRAVO!!!!!!! this one gets a standing ovation from me.

i love love love your film, ms daffodil diva. definitely gets the oscar for original screenplay!

Comment by janet

Amazing! Love how creative you are here!

Comment by Mariposa

wow! you really did a great job w/ that prompt!

I loved it 🙂

very good job indeed

Comment by barngoddess

Very Creative. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by mamalang

The story was great and the imagery was AWESOME! Very fun! Jen

Comment by Jennifer

Three cheers for the Daffodil Diva!

(I like your new template btw, it seems to bright and airy)

Comment by Susan

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