A Day In The Life

February 27, 2008, 10:46 pm
Filed under: Nature, Seasons


As I drove by the park, the play of sunlight on water captivated me like the songs of the Lorelei captured the souls of ancient mariners.


The gentle melody of falling water lured me closer. I wanted to crawl into the fountain and capture the water as it rained down on my face. I yearned to be completely surrounded by sparkles.


But the temperature was in the upper 40’s and freezing didn’t sound too attractive so I settled for sitting down and trying to capture the sparkles as they fell.


“Closer, closer,” sang the Lorelei and I decided laying down would be the best way to capture the falling sparkles.


“Closer, closer, closer,” sang the temptress. 


I’m a middle-aged woman in a suit laying flat on her back in a public park mesmerized by sparkles of sunlight and water.


Lucky for me, I’m also a music teacher and this particular Lorelei was singing a bit off key which enabled me to break away from her seductive spell.  Farewell, ye saucy wench. 


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I get seduced by things like that too. But I don’t know if I could get off the ground ha ha ha.

I’m glad no one called 911. My SIL saw a guy lying in the grass face down — called 911 and then ran to him. He was a water guy and he had his head in a hole in the ground where there was some kind of meter.

Comment by Pamela

I would have been easily enthralled as well.

Beautiful park! My husband would have made sure you were okay…he is like that!

Comment by barngoddess

I love the picture I have in my head now of you lying there in your suit, all prim and proper. Great photos!

Thank you.

Comment by myanderings

I can see you on the ground – literally mesmerized…too funny! Where was I with MY camera, for that moment?

Comment by Tiggerlane

That last one of you taking the pictures is the only photo that is missing in this picture essay! I’m glad I’m not the only one seduced in this manner!! Sometimes I wish I could just keep my camera on me 24/7 to capture those shining moments!

Comment by GrimRealityGirl

I can conjur that image of someone lying on her back taking pictures. Most of the time it would be me…great shots!

Comment by Tara R.

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