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February 17, 2008, 11:27 pm
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I had fun with this weeks’ Fun Monday assignment from Sayresmiles.   She said “As I go to work, I see things around me that make me laugh….take your camera as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you laugh along the way…..” 

I stepped outside the box just a little bit and did my assignment in Hot Springs while I was at the All State Music Conference with my student who made the all state choir.


The first thing I noticed was this wild carpet pattern in the motel.  It made me laugh because I see a man in the design with a large nose, a very thin neck and a swirly eye.  He has a bird’s head attached to the top of his head.  Do you see him?!!  This has to be one of the busiest carpet patterns I’ve ever seen.


The next thing that caught my eye was this dumpster on a corner vacant lot. It didn’t really make me laugh, but it definitely sparked some interesting conversations with my student every day as we passed it by on our way to and from the convention center.


Another scene that didn’t actually make me laugh, but I was very happy to have my student walk through the doors into the convention center every day to rehearse with the Arkansas All State Choir.


The convention center is filled with art. This hand-carved wooden man stands in an alcove near a soft drink machine. I knew he was there, but every time I walked by him, I was just a bit startled. He sort of ‘leaps out’ at you from the side of the soda machine and I giggled every time I passed him. 

For more interesting and funny sights on the way to work, visit Sayresmiles and have a laughter-filled Monday wherever you are!!!


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Great photos – I see a woman in a fancy old-style Victorian dress in the carpet. 🙂

Comment by Ann

If I look at it cross-eyed, I think I get the man.
That guy by the vending machine is a little creapy.
Congrats for the student making All State!

Comment by Celeste

I see what you mean about the carpet, I wouldn’t want to spent too much time staring at it 🙂

Comment by chrisb

glad i’m not the only one. i see all kinds of entertaining things in patterns on the floor, say of a bathroom when i sit down. little animals and such… or in a rug… if i’ve mentioned it to anyone, they think i’m nuts.. so.. thanks for making me feel less nuts!

Comment by jill

Very interesting things, thanks for sharing!

Comment by Lisa

Love the wooden man.

Comment by Jan

I know they choose carpet to hide dirt, but wow!

Comment by Sandy

Loved all your funny/peculiar signs and objects. More importantly, tell us how your choir did at the competition.

Comment by Faye

I’ve often wondered where hotels, convention centers, etc. buy their carpet. Can you imagine what people would think if you had some of those crazy designs in your home?

Comment by Sauntering Soul

I totally see the man! That is wild!

Comment by giveitatry

I saw the man also…in fact I saw him before I read your post!!!

Comment by Alison

Those are great. And yes I so see the weird looking man in the carpeting…

Comment by Ellen

that’s some carpet pattern, i’ll say!

Comment by janet

Great pictures! I love the last one.

Comment by Melanie

Little wooden man would have made me jump and giggle, too. Good pictures and great post! Have a great Fun Monday.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

oh my! that carpet made me dizzy. I wouldnt want to encounter it if I had been sitting in the Hotel’s bar for a long period of time. yikes!

the dumpster……weird.

Im glad you made it home safe 🙂

Comment by barngoddess

that is a busy carpet isnt it!!

Comment by jettied

I see the man in the carpet! I’m always finding people and animals in patterned curtains and rugs 😀

Comment by susaninva

I see the man in the carpet also! Glad that’s not in my living room!

Comment by gawilli

I think the carpet looks like something from a Dr Suess book.

Comment by Pamela

I did see the “man” you described. I would be sent into epileptic fits if I had to look at that carpet everyday. So, how did the All-State Conference go?

Comment by Tara R.

I just looked online today for things to do in Hot Springs.

Great shots! And a few weeks ago the pictures of the flowers!? Beautiful!

Comment by Vicki

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