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February 12, 2008, 10:24 pm
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My all state choir student and I will be leaving bright and early Thursday morning for the all state conference and clinic in Hot Springs. I told my student I was sorry he had to spend Valentine’s Day with me instead of some hot chick. That dear boy told me he didn’t mind. How sweet is that?!! He will spend most of his time in choir rehearsals and I will spend most of my time shopping attend the workshops that are offered to keep us directors busy. The conference ends on Saturday with the all state choir and band concerts which are held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.


This is the big bulletin board in the hall outside my elementary classroom.   I put up a big ‘welcome back to school’ display on it one year and the next thing I knew I was taking care of it on a permanent basis.  I don’t mind.  I use it shamelessly to promote the music program. 

I recently had my senior high and middle school choirs do a writing assignment.  They had to write several paragraphs telling me what role music had in their lives and why they were in choir.  Here are some of my favorite excerpts from their papers.

Choir helps us find our heart song or the song inside of me.     6th grade

The role that music plays in my life is making me feel good about myself.    6th grade

I want to learn all I can and pass it down to my children….    12th grade

You get all these beautiful voices blended together and it sounds really good.    10th grade

I believe that if your life has no rhythm then you can never accomplish your goals in life.      9th grade

It (choir) makes me feel like I am needed, like I’m a part of something.    10th grade

I am in choir because I love to sing and it makes me feel good, it lets me be who I want to be!      8th grade

Music helps me be strong and gives me inspiration to make the grades I make and to be the person I want to be.     10th grade

The sound of our voices are completely cool especially how they blend.    9th grade

Music helps me express how I am feeling.  I hate to talk to people about my feelings, but music helps me alot.    8th grade

Choir helps me feel more brave and confident.    6th grade


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What beautiful quotes from those young people. Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and tingly?

Our district is looking for ways to make budget cuts. Naturally one of the first places they look towards is the music program. Thankfully, they aren’t cutting it, but may end up charging a fee. I don’t know why folks think sports are so much more important than music. It drives me nuts!

Comment by Susan

Sorry…I just realized I had a little temper tantrum on your very nice post.

Tell your student to break a leg!

Comment by Susan

oh my! it sounds like a good time! I heard Hot Springs was a great little city to visit. I have never been but some day would like to see it.

My favorite: “Choir helps us find our heart song or the song inside of me.” 6th grade

Obviously from reading the excerpts of your student’s writings, they are wonderful kids and you are a good teacher to inspire them 🙂

Have a safe and fun trip!

Comment by barngoddess

My daughter performed with her high school choir for three years (stopped her senior year to focus on academics… I know, I know). She was given such wonderful opportunities while in choir, lessons she will always remember. Between her junior and senior year, a select group traveled to China to perform in a musical festival. That will stay with her forever. Sounds like you are giving your students fabulous memories too.

Comment by Tara R.

I LOVE this post. Music is so important to everyone!!!

Susan…I know how you feel.

Comment by Debs in her Patch

We visited Hot Springs the last time we were down your way. It was a very interesting place with quite a lot of history.

No need to tell you what I think about music, is there? I particularly like the quote about heart songs. Lovely post, Songbird.

Comment by gawilli

Awww!! What great kiddos!!

I wish you lived here…I’ve been wanting to find someone to take voice lessons from. (Random thought, I know. It’s been that kind of day.)


Comment by Ms. H

heeeeeey… Hot Springs is where my sis lived for awhile.
I never visited her there.

Comment by Pamela

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