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After the Storm
February 5, 2008, 10:19 pm
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The tornado sirens went off as we were waiting for all state choir audition results.  We had to move all the students to an interior hallway.  The students were wonderful; no panic even though there were a few tears of fear.  They all trouped into the hallway and immediately dropped into the crouched positions that we have to force them into during tornado drills.  Let me just give a witness…..those drills are worth every bit of inconvenience they may cause during the course of a normal school day!  I will never gripe about having to do them again.  A tornado hit a small community about 6 miles from where the auditions were held.  There were fatalities in that community.  My students, our bus driver and I waited out the storm in a pizza place where we watched the weather action on TV.  We did get pelted with some hail and heavy rain, but other than that we made it home safely. 

My feverish student made the Arkansas All State Choir!!!!!  I’m proud of all my kids and am thrilled to have an all stater, but most of all I thank the good Lord above for watching over us and getting us home safe and sound. 


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I saw the news that there were tornadoes.
I know they are horrid — but I still can’t help but be in awe of the power and magnificence of the beast.

I’m glad YOU and your group are safe.

Comment by Pamela

I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to hear the tornado warning sirens. Glad you all kept safe.

Comment by chrisb

I am so glad you posted this. I saw the news this morning and worried about y’all. Glad you made it home safely and thrilled for your all-stater!

Comment by Sandy

Glad you are safe – and even happier to hear the kids got to sing BEFORE anything scary happened!

Hey – that one student looks a little like the actor James McAvoy

Comment by Karmyn R

I thought about you as I watched the news last night. I was very worried and hoping you and your students remained safe.

I hate twisters…….it’s scary living in Tornado alley. I wanna move

Comment by barngoddess

I’m so glad you and your students are safe. We were just watching the story about the Tennessee university students that followed their drill instructions also, and found safety while their dorms where ripped apart. Drills – a good thing.

Comment by gawilli

I couldn’t believe the news today as it came in. I called my sisters in Tennessee and one had a tornado touchdown about 4 miles from her house. But all ok. Great news about your students making All Choir. And better news you all were safe.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

I’m so glad you are all safe. My in-laws live in Cabot and I was nuts until we heard from them.

Comment by Tara R.

Believe it or not, even tho I haven’t been blogging I DID THINK ABOUT YOU AND TIGGER! I wondered how close those storms were to you all. So glad that everyone is safe!

Comment by Shauna

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