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No More Lamp Tipping
January 29, 2008, 8:36 pm
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Remember my search for the perfect lamp shades? No? A quick recap. I had to purchase new table lamps. I splurged on two lamps with hammered copper bases. The lamps came with shades and the shades were too long. I had to tip the lamps to their sides in order to turn the lamps on or off when I was seated on my sofa. I didn’t want to return the lamps, but I couldn’t find shorter shades that looked attractive with the copper bases.

I finally found new shades!


One lamps sits on my entertainment center. The other lamp is on the end table by my sofa.


Wait a minute….what are those glowing orbs by the lamp?


It’s Jasper!  “Look at me! Look at me!  I’m much cuter than a silly old lamp!” 


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ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha…. I didn’t even see Jasper until I read the two glowing orbs. It scared me.. well, almost.

Comment by Pamela

I love your lamp shades! and your lamps. I keep thinking I need new lamps but I can’t find any I like better than the ones I bought 30 years ago.

Comment by Sandy

That is too funny… good one!

The lamp shades are gorgeous!

Comment by hazed

I like your home! it looks like warm and inviting. The lamp shades look great too!

Comment by barngoddess

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