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The Bedside Table
January 27, 2008, 5:58 pm
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I picked up this little pine table about 15 years ago at an antique shop.  I liked its clean lines and simplicity.  It isn’t very big so all I keep on top of it is a clock and a lamp.  The bottom shelf holds a couple of devotional books and a coaster for my water glass.  The white basket to the left holds my Bibles, religious reference books and biblical study guides.


In the drawer, we find more devotional books, a jar of cuticle cream, foot lotion, an assortment of pens, a yellow highlighter and a collection of bookmarks.


Here we have the full view of bed with bedside table and the lovely collection of clutter I have on my walls.   In case you’re wondering, the small pillow in front says, “Gardeners have the best dirt.”  The larger pillow behind it says, “Gardening grows the spirit.”  The white frame on the wall housed the window in the original front door of my parents’ house.  The basket at the end of the bed holds Apple Jack and Peel potpourri.  It smells heavenly.  And, yes, my bedroom walls are two different colors.   When I repainted several years ago, I couldn’t make up my mind so two walls are Glossy White and the other two walls are Sycamore Grove. 


For more bedside table views, visit The Lurchers.  And have a lovely Monday!!!


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I love the eclectic look of your walls – and my gosh, you’re organized!

Comment by Sandy

Your room is gorgeous, so peaceful looking! Your drawer is so organized…mine are a mess..I didn’t even open them for this..too scary!!

Comment by Alison

Very sweet room. Actually, I’m envious. Our bedroom is about the only room I haven’t really decorated. Maybe this spring I’ll send NLM away and do some painting. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

Thank you, I hope that you have a wonderful Monday too, Songbird. Your room with the walls of two different colors and your nightstand are lovely. The window frame from your parents door looks great and has to bring you memories.The room seems to fit you.

Comment by Molly

Another fan of a “cornered” bed! Love the simple lines of your bedside table and the fact that you have things around that make you happy.

Comment by Faye

You have such a way with your things…everything looks as if it “has a place,” and is MEANT to be there. How come mine just looks like a bunch of cluttered crap?

Comment by Tiggerlane

I love your table and the room. I agree with the others; you look quite organized.

Comment by Celeste

That’s a very pretty table and your bedroom looks really cosy !

Comment by Gattina

That little lamp is priceless and your entire room looks so comfy cozy!

Comment by Joy T.

Pretty room!! I especially like the white ‘milk glass’ clock!!

Happy Fun Monday. I hope you can find time to drop by for a visit today.

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I’m guessing your faith is very important to you?

So how do you fill the hole behind the bed with it across the corner?

Comment by Aoj & The Lurchers

What a fun room. I love the white basket idea to hold more books etc. Blessings…

Comment by Ellen

There are lots and lots of books in the Fun Monday posts today. Your room is lovely.

Comment by Kaycie

I’ve been looking everywhere for a yellow highlighter. May I borrow yours?

Comment by Swampy

I always love seeing these glimpses of your home. It’s always so warm, cozy and inviting. Much the way I think you proably are IRL

Comment by Susan

The whole effect of your bedroom is very soothing. Your clock caught my eye and the pillows are such fun!

Comment by chrisb

Love your country bedroom. Very cozy.

Comment by robinellablog

How cute!! It looks so country!!

Comment by jettied

Ooh, I like how you have arranged your room with the bed in the corner. Very cozy!

Comment by giveitatry

I love your room. It looks like a bed and breakfast.

Comment by Serina

it looks like a bed and breakfast!
so, where does Jasper sleep?

Comment by Pamela

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