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Payback is Hell
January 26, 2008, 12:35 am
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Mom was 69-years old last Wednesday. We made plans to go out to dinner together. I would pick her up at 4:30 and we would eat at one of our favorite little restaurants about 20 miles from where we live.

Before I left school, I was paged to the office for a phone call. A local florist was on the line asking if I could stop by his shop to pick up a bouquet that my brother had called in for Mom’s birthday. The florist said he had been trying to reach Mom off and on all day. He wanted to make sure she was home before driving the ten miles or so to deliver the flowers. I knew Mom met with friends to quilt every Wednesday morning and I figured she was outside when the florist tried to call her in the afternoon so I didn’t think much about the florist not being able to reach her.


I left school a little before 4:00 PM. I ran a couple of errands, picked up the flowers, had oil put in my car and proceeded to Mom’s house. I got there around 4:20. No Mom. I took the bouquet in her house and checked the kitchen bar where she usually leaves me a note if she has decided to go somewhere on the spur of the moment. No note. I brought my gifts and card for Mom in the house and left her a note asking her to call me when she got home. Then I drove to my house.


The clock inched toward five o’clock and that sick feeling of panic started forming in my belly. Mom has this thing about driving across the local scenic mountain drive every year on her birthday.   We’ve been having icy weather and I began to imagine her truck skidding out of control on a patch of ice and sliding down the side of the mountain where no one would find her because no one else drives across the mountains in icy weather.    I began to imagine Mom standing alone at an isolated scenic view area gazing through her binoculars when some arctic-loving-pervert-serial murderer stopped and attacked her.  She’d been gone all day.  Where was she?

I called the feed store where she sometimes works.  No Mom.  I called my sister thnking that Mom forgot we were supposed to eat dinner together and , instead, went to watch one of the granddaughters play basketball.  No Mom, but I did manage to get that panicky quaver in my sister’s voice as she made me promise to call her back when I found Mom.  I decided to call one of Mom’s quilting circle friends to see if Mom had even shown up that morning to quilt.  Surprise!  Mom was at her friend’s house.  She had been there with a  couple more of her friends drinking coffee and talking for most of the afternoon.  They had lost all track of time and didn’t even realize that it WAS AFTER FIVE O’CLOCK. 


Mom’s response to all my worry and concern: “Payback is hell.” If she wasn’t 19-years older than me, I’d ground her.


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I got so confused! The comments are at the top now?

At any rate – I wondered if you would blog this! And mom is gorgeous…still!

Comment by Tiggerlane

Happy Birthday to Songbird’s mom! What a beautiful picture. I agree that she is gorgeous.

Comment by gawilli

Happy Birthday to your mom. Glad she was having fun even though it was scary for the rest of you not knowing where she was~ had to laugh at the ‘payback’ comment!!

Comment by chrisb

She’s got a point though! Hope she had a lovely birthday!

Comment by Aoj & The Lurchers

Paybacks are a bitch! So funny of your mom to say that. Glad that all was well.

Comment by Sandy

You sure know how to build the suspense, though, don’t you! I’m glad everyone was all right and happy late birthday to your mom!

Comment by Claudia

I’m glad the ending was a happy one! Whew –

Happy Birthday to your mom – and yes, she should be grounded!!! ha ha

Comment by Karmyn R

Your mother is beautiful 🙂 I would have been so scared.. I was actually scared reading the story thinking something had happened to your mom.. lol Thank goodness she was alright and she had just lost track of time!! I sometimes wish I could ground my mom… lol

Comment by hazed

oh… happy birthday to your mom. And deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. for you. There now!! *(

Comment by Pamela

Happy Birthday to your mom. I was getting a sick feeling in my stomach afraid something had happened. Glad she is well. Mom’s what can you do? 😉

Comment by Debs in her Patch

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