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Red Sky Revisited
January 23, 2008, 8:27 pm
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January 21, 2008                  7:15 AM


For my original post about red sky, click here.   I didn’t touch up these photos.  These colors are exactly what I saw as I drove to school.   A cold rain fell off and on throughout the day on Monday.  The late evening hours brought a mix of sleet and rain. 


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Alternate title: Sailor’s Delight. Although that might get you some really interesting hits through google!

Comment by Sandy

That color is incredible!

Comment by giveitatry

How strange I was actually watching a prog. on TV last night that was looking at the truth behind such weather sayings as ‘red sky at night shepherd’s delight…’ and they were explaining what caused it and yes there is truth in it!

Comment by chrisb

sometimes my camera doesn’t capture the color at all.
it makes you wonder about how much or how little light… or shutter speed effects what you get.

So, what in the sky causes such incredible orange /burgandy / and purples

Comment by Pamela

Wow…these are just breathtaking….

Comment by Susan

Beautiful shots! I just love checking in to see what creative thoughts you have written. I wish I had the ability to write like you and get what is in my head out in such a beautiful way… By the way, I get several hits on my blog every day from your’s. Thanks!

Comment by maggiehendrix

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