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Fun Monday: The History Tour
January 20, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I participated in the very first Fun Monday and here  is the link to that post.

This is my very first post ever.  As you can see, Jasper actually started my blog.  He is still a very industrious little canine. 

Check out the full list of Fun Monday participants over at Vicki’s place.

My name is Jasper. As you can see, I am a handsom…

March 29, 2006

My name is Jasper. As you can see, I am a handsome fellow who has no problem posing in the midst of purple flowers. I am a miniature Dachshund. My hobbies are digging, chasing rabbits, digging, wrestling with my cat, digging and going on long walks with my human. My human spends a lot of time wondering why I like to dig so much. She uses a shovel and digs in the woods near our house so I know she understands the whole digging concept. My human puts the dirt she digs in a big, red wheelbarrow. She pushes the wheelbarrow around the lawn and puts her dirt in all the holes that I have spent countless hours digging. I don’t understand her obsession. My holes are terrific. They are all different shapes and sizes. When it rains, they are all full of water which is very convenient when I am working outside and need a quick drink. My human also digs in large areas she calls gardens and beds. These areas are off limits for me. My human sticks things like flowers, herbs and vegetables in the holes she digs then she fills the holes up. What is that about? She doesn’t even bury the stuff.

2 Responses to “My name is Jasper. As you can see, I am a handsom…”

  1. Whiterabbit Says:
    March 30, 2006 at 3:41 am eJasper is a handsome little devil! I also really like how his little brain works and how well he can express himself. I was wondering what he thinks about the garden hose. Maybe you could ask him.
  2. Tiggerlane Says:
    March 30, 2006 at 4:12 am eI was going to post anonymous comments, but I see you’d don’t allow them! So I’ll post un-anonymously, and say that Jasper is quite the writer!



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Should it bother me that Jasper writes better than I do? Nah…dogs are just that talented!

Comment by Sandy

I think I am in love with Jasper! That was a great post – my first post was something short and low on creativity.

Have a great Week.

Comment by giveitatry

Wish I could have figured out how to post the comments – NEOPHYTISM STILL REIGNS!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I love your photos..the area you live is absolutely gorgeous. Jasper is a doll and your first post is wonderful!! I had a great laugh!!

Comment by Alison

Jasper is too cute!

Comment by my4kids

Ok. Does he sing, too?

he does look quite regal with the purple flowers by the way.

Comment by Pamela

I looked out of your front door and found the view very nice. (comment for the human)

Now to you Jasper, you seem to be a very helpful dog, helping digging in the garden. Ask your human to burry some bones instead of flower bulbs !

Comment by Gattina

Happy Fun Monday. Jasper is way too precious. He’s a keeper!!!!

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I remember enjoying your views the first time around and thinking how peaceful it looked. Jasper looks so cute.

Comment by chrisb

Jasper is a very industrious dog and handsome too. This blogging world is very interesting. I did not realize that you were in the first Fun Monday group. I think that I found your blog through Gawilli. Happy Fun Monday Anniversary.

Comment by mjd

I love Jasper.

Comment by Karmyn R

I think I first heard of FM from you…although I have no idea how I found you. And Jasper is just as handsome as ever. 🙂

Comment by Susan

Smart dog. Does he do the dishes, too?

Comment by Cynthia

Jasper is a cutie. I love your front porch.

Comment by Kaycie

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