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The Case of the Missing Red Sock
January 18, 2008, 10:12 pm
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One of the first things I do when I get home from school is take off my shoes and put on a pair of fuzzy slipper socks.  My fuzzy socks are the perfect balm for my tired feet.  If I need to take out the trash or fill my bird feeders, I can slip on my gardening clogs over the socks and complete these minor outdoor tasks.  I use my slipper socks so much that I generally wear out a couple of pairs per year. 

Mom, knowing my penchant for slipper socks, put two pairs in my Christmas stocking this year.  The socks Mom gave me are not as thick as the type I normally buy.   We are in the midst of some bitterly cold weather so I’ve been wearing my new footwear over a pair of stretched out gym socks for added warmth and coziness. 

Yesterday I got home from school around 5:30 and immediately put on my gym socks/slipper socks combination.  I did a few household chores and went outside with my gardening clogs on my feet several times.  By 8:30, I was curled up on the sofa with a blanket reading a book.  I got up to answer the phone and after finishing my conversation, I noticed I was wearing a white gym sock/red slipper sock combo on my left foot while my right foot was dressed only in a white gym sock.  Thus began the search for the missing red slipper sock. 

My first thought was that I had accidentally pulled the red sock off while curled up on the sofa.  I shook out my blanket, looked behind sofa pillows and even checked between the sofa cushions.  No red sock.  I backtracked everywhere I had been through the house.  No red sock.  I checked my gardening clogs to see if the red sock stayed inside the clog when I took it off.  No red sock.  Hmmmmm……I decided I had simply missed seeing the red sock during the initial search so I repeated the entire search procedure a second time.  No red sock.  I gazed thoughtfully at Jasper who had been watching the proceedings with great curiousity.  “Did you hide my red sock?,” I asked.  Jasper perked up his ears and looked at me with bright doggie eyes.  “No, I didn’t take your sock, but I’ve certainly had a good time following you around and looking for it,” he seemed to be saying.  “Can we please throw all the pillows off the sofa again? That was fun!” 

I gave up.  The sock would turn up sooner or later so I curled back up on the sofa and began to read once more.  My right foot was feeling really cold, but I was too lazy to get up and replace the missing red sock.  I sat and read and thought about how much colder my gym-sock-only covered right foot was than my double covered left foot.  I tucked the blanket closer around my cold foot and turned another page.  I squirmed.  I wiggled.  Jasper sighed.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that silly missing sock and my cold right foot.

Several hours later I headed to the bathroom for a shower before going to bed.  I was probably going to lose a toe from frostbite because my right foot was so darn cold.  Maybe I could save my toes with a nice, hot shower.  I sat down to pull off the gym sock and see how many of my toes were actually blue.  I found the red sock.  It was on my foot underneath the gym sock. 


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you won’t believe this, but I knew where that sock was before you told us. I did. I swear it.

You really should author a kids book (with jasper in it) and it should be called “Where is my red sock”

wouldn’t that be just the cutest?

Comment by Pamela

I vote yes on the kids book! That was funny!

Gotta love those hot showers before bed – I know I do.

Comment by giveitatry

ha ha – the power of the mind sure can play tricks on you!!!

I agree – what a cute book that would make “Jasper, where is my red sock?”

Comment by Karmyn R

Oh, I vote yes on the kids’ book, too! Terrific story.


Comment by Sandy

LOL!!! I can totally imagine you obsessing about this sock – and silently lamenting your ‘colder’ foot. This is hysterical!

Comment by Tiggerlane

How funny! Mine usually disappear in the dryer we so fondly call the sock monster. Only they never seem to find their way home!

Comment by gawilli

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