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Show Me the Money
January 17, 2008, 9:06 pm
Filed under: Odds and Ends

As usual I listened to the local NPR station while driving to school this morning.  I heard an economist being interviewed.  I can’t tell you the name of the economist.  I can’t tell you where he is from or what his credentials are.  I don’t even remember the name of the reporter conducting the interview.  I was so totally captivated by the content of the interview; the words from this economist’s mouth, that I completely blanked out all the petty details.  In essence, what this economist said was that in order to stimulate the economy and move us out of the recessionary track that we appear to be on, the government needs to infuse the marketplace with cash and the cash needs to be spent quickly.  I volunteer.  I am ready for government service.  Send me a big wad of cash and I promise I will spend it so fast it will make Washington dizzier than it already is.  Just bring it on.  Show me the money because I’ve got the spending part down to a fine art.  I’m sure I can find three or four more volunteers and together we can stimulate the heck out of the economy.  Just show me the money.  I’ll take care of the rest.


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Times are dire indeed when you are in the midst of a full blown military action and yet still slide towards recession. One normally cancels out the other.

Comment by Willowtree

Awesome! The network news this morning says that Congress is now just debating the amount they are gonna send us. They would like us not to pay our electric and utility bills, though, they would like us to buy more new stuff.

Comment by Sandy

Where do I sign up – I am quite certain I can help with this cause.

Comment by giveitatry

That is too funny.. Where do I sign up.. I could use a big wad of cash!!

Comment by hazed

Me, me!! Pick me to volunteer with you. I know how to spend money!

Comment by Betty

don’t you get those emails every day telling you how much money will be shared with you if you just help them remove it from the great uncles safe deposit box which they can’t get into because they are foreigners and they need someone who is a citizen in order to get it.?? ha ha. Every day. Either that or a princess, or an army officer, etc. etc.etc.

Comment by Pamela

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