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On the Twenty-second Day
January 10, 2008, 12:42 pm
Filed under: Odds and Ends

I picked my  car up yesterday afternoon.  It took 22 days to complete $1400 worth of repairs.  I heard a lot of excuses for the job taking so long, but the best ‘excuse’ by far was that the GM parts division closed for two weeks over the holidays.  I was thinking ‘GM parts warehouse’ so I asked if there wasn’t another location parts could be ordered from.  I was told ‘no.’  Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I find it hard to believe an entire parts division would close for two weeks.  If they did, then I understand more clearly why GM has had financial problems. 

This is the first accident (and I hope the last) that I’ve had with a car.  I admit I don’t have much experience with car repairs.  Twenty-two days seems like an extremely long time to complete minor repairs.  Eight more days and I would have been without my car for an entire month. 

Oh, well, enough……I’m thankful no one was hurt in the accident.  I’m thankful I have a car and I’m thankful it is FINALLY repaired. 

P. S.  Jasper is also thankful!!  🙂


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So glad you have your own wheels back. Jasper is not fond of change, is he?

Comment by Sandy

So glad for you that you got your wheels back! FREEDOM!!!! Enjoy!

(22 days — yes, that is a crazy long time!)

Comment by GrimRealityGirl

two weeks holiday sounds suspicious to me, too.

Comment by Pamela

Are you getting in on Julie’s “Thankful Thursday” theme a little early?

BTW, I’m thankful, too!

Comment by Tiggerlane

That’s INSANE!!!

I’m glad you finally got your wheels back though.

Comment by Susan

yeah that does sound a bit fishy?? Hmmm well at least it is fixed!! and hopefully no more troubles with it 🙂

Comment by hazed

Stores barely close down on Christmas day… there is no way the whole division would close for two weeks.

Unless it is a cost saving measure and they do it to save two weeks worth of pay. They are in such dire straights I wouldn’t be surprised.

Comment by Devon

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