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I’m So Confused
January 7, 2008, 8:21 pm
Filed under: Jasper

I hope everyone had the best of holidays.  I really enjoyed having Songbird at home for two whole weeks.  We did so many fun things together.  We visited with Songbird’s family at her Mom’s house.  There were a lot of people there including some pesky little children.  Songbird told them to be careful around me because I don’t really like kids too much.  That is certainly the truth.  I don’t know how Songbird can stand being with kids all day at her job.  She has more patience than I do.  I’m glad she has that job though because she gets money to buy me dogfood and doggie treats.  Songbird and I went on long walks almost every day and we also sat on the sofa and watched movies and read books.  One day we even went outside and dug holes in the ground and raked up piles of leaves.  Oh, yeah, we also played in the snow on the day after Christmas. 

All in all, we had a great holiday vacation except for one thing.  Songbird broke our car.  She didn’t mean to.  It was an accident.  At first, we had a rental car.  I had to sit on a blanket when I rode in that car because it didn’t belong to us.  We were paying to use it.  In fact, we were having to pay so much to use it that Songbird was worried about having enough money to buy dogfood and doggie treats so I was glad when she gave the rental car back.  At the same time, I was worried because we didn’t have anything to drive so every morning I went out to the carport to check and see if our car had made it home yet.   It’s been twenty days and our poor car still isn’t home, but I still check just the same. 

The really bad thing is I never know what Songbird is going to leave in and I sure never know what to expect when she comes back home.  Sometimes she is in her Mom’s truck.  Sometimes she is in our neighbor’s, Mrs. M., red car.  And today Songbird came home in a big silver truck that belongs to Mr. Roger.  Mr. Roger is Tiggerlane’s husband. 

Now, I’m sure thankful that Mr. Roger loaned us his truck so Songbird can go to work and earn money, but I am so confused.  I never know if I should bark because an intruder is driving up to our house or if it is just Songbird in someone else’s vehicle.  I sure will be glad when we get our very own car back.  All these different cars and trucks are making me so confused that I have a headache. 


I am just going to lay here under my blanket with my favorite horse pillow tonight.  I wish I could take some aspirin.  Maybe if I keep looking real pitiful Songbird will give me a doggie treat.

One last thing, please be careful and don’t break your car. 

Your friend,



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Oh my gosh, Jasper! No wonder your head hurts! Tell Songbird that maybe you need a little vacation until your car is back and life is normal. Wanna come to Texas?

Comment by Sandy

Oh Jasper. I hope it all works out soon! You obviously don’t need such stress in your life! Sleep on buddy.

Comment by Karmyn R

Jasper I think you have the right idea stay tucked up and cosy I’m sure the car will get sorted soon! PS hope you got a treat!

Comment by chrisb

Jasper is too cute!! did he get a treat? he looked like he needed one.

Comment by barngoddess

aww poor Jasper, hopefully you are feeling better and got some great doggy treats!

Comment by hazed

ME2. move over little dog! I’ll just lay there and cuddle while Songbird is out playing musical cars.

Comment by Pamela

Too funny! Even though it’s not nice to giggle at someone else’s plight, I still am.

And glad that the Songbird’s real car is back, and life will be back to normal.

Comment by Tiggerlane

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