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January 2, 2008, 12:16 am
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One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a watering can filled with gardening gloves and a variety of spring bulbs.  My nieces gave me this treasure which made the gift even more special.  It was cold and very windy yesterday, but I spent the afternoon getting the bulbs in the ground.  This spring I will have lovely tulips like this decorating my garden. 


These are tulipa ‘Mickey Mouse’.  Cute name, huh?  I also got two packages of tulip bulbs that will produce the palest of yellow flowers.  I can’t remember their name.  There were also daffodil bulbs; enough to start a new bed.  I love planting.  I like to think of all the bulbs resting in their chilly dirt beds just waiting for the earth’s temperature to signal the time for them to push their sprouts upward.  What promise for the new year!

I’m still car-less.  Who could know that an encounter with a cardboard box would result in such a lengthy wait for repairs?  I turned in my rental car when I hit the hundred dollar mark in rental fees.  Just couldn’t stand paying for a car when I really don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time. 

Mom picked me up yesterday morning for a jaunt to the lake which is the prime spot in the area for spying bald eagles at this time of year.  As I previously said, it was cold and very windy yesterday.  We only saw one big ‘grandpappy’ of an eagle, but there were quite a few ducks and blue herons out and about.  We were wrapped up in layers of clothing, but the wind off the lake sliced through what we wore like knives through warm butter so our bird watching didn’t last too long. 

I spent New Year’s Eve at home curled up on the sofa with Jasper and a good book.  I was sorry to miss Tiggerlane’s party, but Mom had plans and we just don’t have good public transportation or taxi service out in the sticks.

Mom picked me up again this morning ( I think she feels sorry for me not having a car 🙂 ).  Plus, she wanted some help with loading and unloading wood for her wood stove.  Mom had a guy cut up a couple of oak trees that had blown over last fall.  He brought one load to her house for her before Christmas and Mom decided that she and I could get the rest of the wood so we did. 

Jasper and I walked over to visit with Mrs. M. this afternoon.  We interrupted her housecleaning, but she said she was ready for a break anyway.  Mrs. M.’s granddaughter, grandson-in-law and two great-granddaughters arrived the day after Christmas and left yesterday morning.  Mrs. M. and I caught up with all the neighborhood news while Jasper ran around sniffing out the ‘strange people’ smells in Mrs. M.’s house.   Mrs. M. also told me that I could borrow her car anytime I needed it.  She is a wonderful neighbor!


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The tulip picture was beautiful. What a nice gift you received from your niece! I love flowers and birds and cherish spring and fall. The flowers start to grow in the spring, and the birds migrate through our valley in both the spring and the fall and the sounds they make are just music to my ears. Tulips I planted a year ago fall, came up late last spring, but were beautiful. Even when 6 inches of snow fell on them, they were still awesome.

Comment by Nekked Lizard Lady

I have a black thumb. That is why bulbs are my very favorite! You plant them and then forget them. If they die, oh well, but if they bloom – oh my heavens, what a wonderful surprise!

I bought a house once in the fall and did not know until the following spring that there was an entire slope of daffodils at the front of the house. Such a gift!

Comment by Sandy

Aside from the car mishap, I can’t help but think about how blessed you are to have family and friends close by. Enjoy the rest of your break!

Comment by gawilli

I love any gifts that have to do with gardening. It might be nice to be without a car for a change, that forced solitude would be nice from time to time!

Comment by Devon

I love your tulip picture. I love when the spring flowers start peeping through the soil. It finally means winter is over and spring is on it’s way!

Happy new year.

Comment by beccy

Ahh I love tulips and this is a good shot! My ground is too sandy for tulip bulbs, maybe someday I’ll get it in shape to let them bloom for more than one year.

I have a new blog.. check it out =)

Comment by Vicki

What a lovely and thoughtful gift from your niece. Those are the best kind.

I hope your car gets better soon

Comment by Susan

later in the fall.. I seem to ruin my bulbs when I’m working with my other flowers.
I try to replant them, not very successfully.

I’m sure you’ll take a picture this spring and refer us back to this post!!!

Comment by Pamela

sorry about your car! I hate being carless…especially where I live.

you are very lucky to have family and neighbors to help ( or for you to help them ) lol

Comment by barngoddess

Love the tulip! Glad for you that you have planted for spring! Wonderful neighbors are such a blessing! Glad your mom felt sorry for you and came to give you some freedom. May your car be healed soon!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

[…] My nieces gave me tulip and daffodil bulbs for Christmas.  I posted a picture from the carton of tulipa Mickey Mouse in a January post.   These flowers are so beautiful.  I could hardly wait for them to poke […]

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