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December 19, 2007, 9:07 pm
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My auditioned choirs had a bowling party after school yesterday.  Mom was in town picking up bulk fruit and nuts for the goodie bags we hand out at church on Christmas Eve.  She stopped by the Pine Bowl and joined in the fun.  When the party was over, I told Mom I would drive down to the church and help her unload all the boxes of apples, oranges and nuts she had stacked in her truck.  We left the bowling alley with me driving my car in front of Mom’s truck on the way to the church.  We were driving along in a line of traffic on the two-lane highway when suddenly a large cardboard box landed on the road directly in front of my car.  In a matter of seconds, I determined that I should not slam on my brakes because Mom was right behind me and there were more vehicles behind her.  I couldn’t swerve to the left because there was oncoming traffic.  I veered slightly to the right, but didn’t jerk the wheel because I’ve heard so many horror stories about people flipping their cars.  The bottom line:  I hit the box.  Hard.

It was a nice box.  It was taped up tightly and made quite a loud thump.  I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw what appeared to be some type of fibrous packing material scattering across the highway in the view afforded by Mom’s headlights.  I drove on to the church, helped Mom unload her truck and checked the front of my car for damage in the feeble light emitted from a flashlight whose batteries were almost dead.  I didn’t see any damage to the fender, bumper or hood of my car so I proceeded to follow Mom out to her house where we talked for about 10 minutes before I headed on home.

Midway to my house the ‘check engine coolant’ warning light came on in my car.  When I arrived home, I turned on the light in my carport and got my big flashlight to check my car more closely for damage.  What I discovered was not so good.  Engine coolant was leaking from under my car and the recessed black plastic framework under my front bumper was smashed on the driver’s side.  A parking light was dangling by a wire. 

I didn’t go to school today.  I spent the day dealing with all the red tape associated with an insurance claim.  My car had to be towed to a body shop.  The radiator is destroyed.  I was able to get a rental car around two this afternoon. 

I have no clue what was in that box.  Mom told me she wasn’t even sure what I hit last night.  She said she saw my brake lights and then something that looked like wood shavings began floating through the air.  I have no recollection of hitting my brakes.  I guess it was just a natural reaction to tap them, but all I remember is thinking that I couldn’t slam on my brakes because Mom would rearend me.  

Mom drove by the accident scene today.  She said there was nothing on the road or on the sides of the highway.  I guess I vaporized the box. 

I did hear an interesting tidbit on the national news this morning about some folks who were transporting bricks of marijuana wrapped up as Christmas gifts and packed in large cardboard boxes.  I can’t remember what state the reporter said the cops caught these people in, but I’m wondering if part of the drug crew was driving on a highway in Arkansas last night. 


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OUCH! Your poor car. I’m glad neither you nor your mom were hurt. Wouldn’t that be something if you hit a box full of marijuana….but would it be that heavy? Did you notice any peculiar smells? hee hee

Comment by Karmyn R

it was JUST a car. Thank goodness.
The guy in the desk right behind me lost his aunt last night to a drunk driver. The guy came down the wrong side of the road and hit her head on. Killed instantly.

So… I’m so happy you are fine.

Comment by Pamela

Even tho I know it was “just a box” – now I’m wanting to scour the highway.

Oh, and that black thingie is called an “air dam.” Just FYI!

Comment by Tiggerlane

[…] still car-less.  Who could know that an encounter with a cardboard box would result in such a lengthy wait for repairs?  I turned in my rental car when I hit the hundred […]

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