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State Capitol
December 18, 2007, 11:31 am
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Last Friday I took my fifth grade choir to sing at the State Capitol in Little Rock. Aren’t they a good looking group of singers?!!


The Arkansas State Capitol is a smaller version of our nation’s Capitol. Both buildings are magnificent structures.


Isn’t this a beautiful shot looking down from the rotunda? The kids sang from the opposite side.


Each county in Arkansas has a Christmas ornament on the tree.  I love the ‘Joy’ banners.  One of them would cover the entire roof of my house. 


The Arkansas State Capitol is especially beautiful during the holiday season, don’t you think?  I love taking my fifth grade choir over to sing every year.  The atmosphere is so festive and it is the only opportunity that some of my students will ever have to see our State Capitol. 



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Thanks for the photos of the capitol. Looks as though you’re having a good time this Christmas season. Boy, are you going to be tired when it’s all over!

Comment by Betty

That is a gorgeous photo essay! Wonderful job!

Comment by myanderings

You look so festive!

(I think the building looks very similar to the Washington State Capital building in Olympia, WA)

Comment by Karmyn R

Beautiful, beautiful! I thought of you today. We went to our middle school to see their rendition of STOMP! It was outstanding. Not voices and granted they were banging on garbage cans and PVC pipe with drumsticks – but the excitement was outstanding!

Comment by gawilli

They look like a wonderful choir. Fantastic looking director, too!

I think I sang in the State Capitol when I was a kid.

Comment by Pamela

The State Capitol is so beautiful and festive. Wonderful photos…

Comment by Jodi

wow that place looks gorgeous… stunning!

Comment by Tonya

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