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High School Musical
December 9, 2007, 8:22 pm
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Oh, my goodness gracious! The stage version of High School Musical was awesome! Tremendous! Fantastic!! It was really, really good. Much better than the movie in my opinion. It was well worth the trauma of dealing with the ticket lady and I didn’t feel guilty at all.  Our seats were incredible.  Almost like being on stage with the cast.  The show was fast-paced with so much going on that our heads were bobbing around like those little dogs that you used to see in the back windows of cars.  There were a couple of songs that weren’t in the movie and the dialogue was quite a bit different; funnier and maybe a bit more sophisticated.  The choreography was excellent.  Can you tell I totally enjoyed the show?!! 

I couldn’t get a comment to post on Lady K’s blog, but I wanted to share my favorite Christmas tree ornaments with you.  Plus I want to get back into the Fun Monday groove.  So for those of you drop by, here are my fav ornaments; my nieces, MC and HM.


They may not hang on the tree, but they certainly decorate my Christmas far more beautifully than any tinsel or glass balls I could ever find.  And, yes, HM is grinning to show off her missing front teeth.  Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them even though they are 13 and 11 now instead of the 7 and 5 they were in this picture.  No matter their ages, they will always be my favorite ornaments!


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AWWW how sweet is that? I love that they are your favorite ornaments!!
I just got your comment and am adding you to the list!

Comment by Kaytabug

I absolutely love that tree! So full and gorgeous! Of course the munchkins are adorable – we are dealing with the 4 teeth missing smile this Christmas…

Comment by Sandy

leave it to you to come up with the best ornaments. Why didn’t I think of that.

ps now I want to see high school musical

Comment by Pamela

I think you will change your mind when they are 20 lol ! I can’t immagine my son as a Christmas decoration now that he is 34 is 6.6 ft (2m) and weights 220 lbs (100kg) !!

Comment by Gattina

In total agreement. All my best ornaments will be home for this Christmas. First time in a while. I can’t wait!!

Comment by Nekked Lizards

You have selected the perfect choice for your favorite ornaments.

Comment by mjd

Awwww…of course they are the best ornament.

I’m glad you had so much fun at the show and let go of the guilt about the goofy ticketseller lady.

Comment by Susan

Well, they are cute!!! And since they decorate the room with their presence – I’d say they fit nicely!

Comment by Karmyn R

How cute!!! I bet they are pretty young ladies now.

Comment by Debbie

what beauties they are! the best ornaments yet 🙂

I am glad you enjoyed the musical! I find the stage version always better than any movie too…just like the book is always better, the performance on stage usually is too!

Comment by barngoddess

I wanted to add I am glad you enjoyed the musical.

Comment by Debbie

Very nice! I love that tree in the background.

Comment by giveitatry

I was going to say Amber was my favorite ornament – but I got her AFTER Christmas, so she doesn’t count.

Comment by Tiggerlane


Comment by mrs darling

Ahh they are very cute. And you can keep them out all year round. Hooray. 😀

Comment by Jo Beaufoix

What a sweet auntie you must be…

Comment by Ellen

Such perfect ornaments!!! I would like to see the musical. My daughter saw High School Musical on Ice and said there was so much going on that she felt as if she missed half of it!!

Comment by Devon

I’m glad the show was wonderful! Well worth your hard work.

You sure have the meaning of Christmas down – sharing it with family. Best ever!

Comment by gawilli

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