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November 27, 2007, 10:53 pm
Filed under: Odds and Ends

Dear Person,

I’m really sorry about the blank stare you received from me this morning when you stopped me in the hall to ask about “that choir program that you’re doing.”  I could tell by the look on your face that you thought I was being rude.  Yes, I know that I am the choir director, but you didn’t give me a chance to explain that I direct seven choirs.  Nor did you allow me to mention that I have eleven choral programs scheduled over the next three weeks.  So, you see, I had no idea what “choir program” you were referring to when you stopped me in the hall.  Forgive me for being picky, but the next time you have a quick question about a choral performance during the holiday season, you might provide a few more details so that I might actually be able to answer your question in a timely fashion.  Then you wouldn’t have to roll your eyes and stalk off as though I had insulted your mother when all that I really said was, “What choir program?” 

The Choir Director

Dear Person,

Did you really tell your child to ask me “what kind of idiot doesn’t have a cell phone?”  Surely your child was just making that question up.   But, just in case you really want to know……I don’t have a cell phone for many reasons none of which are any of your business. 

The Idiot

Dear Person,

I appreciate you calling to ask if I could “bring all my choirs to sing” for your holiday event.  Please forgive me for giggling in your ear.  As I explained, I have 231 children, give or take a few, in “all my choirs.”  I’m sorry that the number of children I have involved in choir rendered you speechless for a full 30 seconds.  I can only guess that you were trying to imagine stuffing 231 singers in your meeting room.  I am quite proud of the way you regrouped and decided that perhaps I should only bring one of my choirs to sing for your event.  We are looking forward to singing for you!

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe


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Ah, yes. It’s that time of year and these are things you would like to have said, but graciously kept to yourself. Only teachers, specifically music teachers, understand this grueling time of year.

Comment by gawilli

While I admire your gracious forbearance, it would have truly amused me had you just shown up with 231 children!

Sorry. Trying to get all my snarkiness out before the Nutcracker in a couple of weeks!

Comment by Sandy

My personal favorite is the first one. “That choir program”…..what a great name for it. Being a choir director myself, I think I would have said, “‘that’ program is not just any old program, but my life and what I work my butt off every day for”. Can’t wait to hear what person asked you….I’ll be all ears when I come visit this afternoon! 🙂

Comment by Suzy_Q

can you hear me giggling all from Oklahoma to Arkansas????

especially about the cell phone! I know plenty of people who do NOT want a phone for a hundred different reasons….I myself would DIE without my phone…but thats me.

cute post. I enjoyed it!

Comment by barngoddess

that was all the way from Oklahoma to Arkansas…geesh my fingers are numb from being outside. Its cold here!

Comment by barngoddess

Oh no. Was that MY kid?

No wonder you haven’t mentioned her new hair.

BTW, I hope it wasn’t MY organization that asked about “all” your choirs.

Slinking away now…

Comment by Tiggerlane

their heeeeeeeeeeeere.

Comment by Pamela

they’re heeeeeeeeeeeeere

Comment by Pamela

notice I did correct myself.
I’m one of them (crossing my eyes and sticking out tongue)

Comment by Pamela

What fun to have about 231 kids in one small room.

You have more patience than me.

Comment by Debbie

I am waiting for the day when they start saying “Who DOESN’T have a chip imbedded in their head for constant phone coverage?”

Comment by Karmyn R

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