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Thoughts on Loss
November 25, 2007, 8:56 pm
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I’m no stranger to loss. I had the joy of growing up with all four of my grandparents and the sorrow of losing them one by one over the years. My dad passed away in April of 2001. Aunts and uncles have died during my life time and many people from my church and community have left this earthly life. I’ve always had pets as a part of my family and losing faithful animal companions is difficult, too.


Beautiful Cherokee died on March 11, 2007.  She was a loving and loyal companion with a precious doggie smile that never failed to brighten my darkest mood.   I rescued her from abuse and she seemed to spend the final eleven years of her life being grateful.  She was gentle and good natured, but if Cherokee thought another dog or human was trying to hurt Jasper or me, she became fierce and quite fearless. 


The regal lady Africa died on November 3, 2007.  She was also a loving and gentle companion who loved to curl up in my lap and purr.  In her younger days, she was an excellent mouser.  I rescued her from abandonment and she spent twelve of her thirteen years gracing my life with her presence. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving brought the death of one my students.  She was a sweet and shy little girl.  Her family had only moved here last year so I didn’t know her real well, but that didn’t make the loss any easier.  She was only twelve years old.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family.  I joined in the laughter, the snippets of conversation, gazed on the faces of those I love, enjoyed the good food that we ate together.  I held babies, gave and received hugs and tried to absorb every moment spent with the thirty plus family members who gathered at Mom’s house for the holiday.  I normally leave Jasper at home because large crowds make him nervous, but he stayed with me this Thanksgiving.  He is a part of my family and he actually seemed to enjoy the crowd and the attention. 

The loss of those we love, those we know, those we teach is so difficult.  No matter how many times we experience loss, it still cuts us to the core.  It bares our souls to sorrow.  But I will not let loss and sorrow consume me.  I will move forward carefully holding the memories that rest in my heart like twinkling stars in the wide night sky.  All life must come to an end and, trite though it may sound, those of us who remain must live as if there is no tomorrow. 


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I’m so sorry, Songbird. I agree that death is a part of life, but awfully hard for those who are left behind. And what is left is as you say, living like there is no tomorrow. You are in my thoughts.

Comment by gawilli

No parent should have to bury a child.

Comment by Willowtree

How terribly sad for everyone! Her poor parents. Hug your loved ones.

Comment by Karmyn R

We have had several deaths in our Church family the last couple of weeks. My prayers are with all of those families left behind.

Comment by Sandy

That is so sad. Only twelve – not even a teen.

It is hard to lose animals…..they give us so much love.

Comment by giveitatry

oh, I’m so sorry…you said it very well and you’re right. Hugs to you!

Comment by Claudia

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