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The Squint
November 14, 2007, 11:27 pm
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I threw a mild temper tantrum today when I found out Matt Damon had been named The 2007 Sexiest Man Alive.  After pulling out large wads of my hair while rolling around on the floor screaming and gnashing my teeth….what? Oh, maybe my temper tantrum wasn’t so mild.  😉  

Anyway, after all that behavior, I emailed Tiggerlane with every intention of being mature about the whole Sexiest Man Alive issue.  I planned to congratulate her because you know she has this ‘thing’ about Matt Damon.  I was gonna say something like, “Congratulations, ‘your man’ won,” and be done with it.  Instead, I found myself spewing forth vindictive phrases like, “He’s squinting with one eye while the other appears to be propped open with a toothpick.”  Oh, the embarrassment.  How could I say something so awful about the man my friend drools over?  I am ashamed.  And here is my public apology to Tigger:  Gee, girlfriend, I’m really sorry. 


BUT, your man just doesn’t have that sexy squint down yet. He’s trying. Oh, yeah, he’s really working it with the wrinkled forehead and tensed facial muscles, but let’s take a look at the Maestro of Squint.


I know, I know, Tigger, you don’t like the tough, he-man, sweaty, cowboy look, but you gotta admit that Clint is the maestro when it comes to The Squint.  And the guns sort of help the whole squint scenario, don’t ya think?

And check out this squint.


He may be an older man now, but Robert Redford is one handsome fellow no matter his age. And what a squint. He just has it all goin’ on.

Which brings us to Brad. 


I couldn’t get his Sexiest Man picture with the great squint to download, but this shot gets the point across.   It isn’t an A+  squint, but it’s still mighty fine to gaze at. 

And finally…..hubba, hubba…….


My favorite squint of all.  I just want to take him home and feed him some barbeque.  Then I could gently wipe that little smear of sauce off his mouth…..I guess I better not go there. 

So, here’s squinting at you, Tigger and, oh, congratulations!


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I feel your pain! oh yes – I do. Damon is cute…very cute….but NOT SEXY.

Comment by Karmyn R

Sorry – but did you forget that Damon is also the SMARTEST of the bunch? Harvard, baby! Even though he left with only 2 classes before graduation – I’m not all about the squint. THE MIND is sexy, too!

Comment by Tiggerlane

Oh, please….how can you possibly know which of these men is the most intelligent?! Damon’s accomplishments certainly don’t come near matching Redford’s or Eastwood’s. And McConaughey is the only one of them with a college degree and it is from one of your fine Texas schools! Dropping out of Harvard with only 12 units left before receiving a degree doesn’t mean a man is more or less intelligent than someone who managed to make movies AND finish his college education like McConaughey. And a complete or incomplete degree from ANY university doesn’t compare to the incredible contributions that Eastwood and Redford have made to the art of film or to society as a whole.

Comment by arkansassongbird

That last one…oh hell, that is sexy!

Comment by giveitatry

I have been a fan of Damon since ‘Good Will Hunting’. I just like the guy!

oh, and that other Matt is you posted about is one hot guy as well……….

Comment by barngoddess

Here from Tiggerlane’s….

N i c e eye candy…absolutely delicious :).

Comment by Robin (the pensieve one)

Sexy? Nah…he’s kinda slimy.

But the other Matt…now that’s a REAL man! (but you already know that)

Comment by Susan

My favorite squinter is Kris Kristofferson, although I agree with your picks!

Comment by gawilli

this argument might have to go the mud wrestling final.

Lets put MM and MD in the mud and see which one wins???

Comment by Pamela

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