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Freaky Accidents
November 8, 2007, 9:31 pm
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A recent post over at Betty’s place concerning a visit to her doctor’s office prompted some thoughts of my own concerning the medical profession.  I don’t like doctors.  Well, they might be nice people and all, but I don’t like doctors’ visits.  In fact, I get downright queasy even thinking about having to see a doctor.  So I avoid them.  Some of you may think I’m foolish and maybe I am, but I still won’t visit a doctor unless I’ve had some sort of freaky accident.  Unfortunately, I’ve had my share of those freaky accidents. 

Accident one:  I bought an antique corn dryer.  An old corn dryer is an iron rod with spikes protruding at diagonals up both sides of the rod.  You put ears of corn on the spikes, hang the corn dryer up and wait for the corn to dry.  My corn dryer had six spikes on each side and since I was using the dryer for decorative purposes only, I had twelve ears of already dried Indian corn that I was going to put on the dryer.  I had several ears of corn on spikes when I came across a very stubborn and hard ear.  I was pushing hard to get that ear on  when the corn slipped and I found my right hand impaled on the spike.  The spike went completely through the fleshy part of my palm between the thumb and finger.  I was stunned for a moment then I very calmly pulled the spike out of my hand.  It didn’t really hurt and I wasn’t bleeding, but I decided I probably needed to visit the emergency room for a tetanus shot if for no other reason.  I got my shot and some first aid cream and that was that.  I was told to clean the punctures with hydrogen peroxide and to visit my doctor if my wounds became inflamed.  I didn’t even get a bandaid.

Accident two:  I had been working in the garden planting some herbs.  The flat that the pots of herbs had been in was cracked and broken in a couple of places so I decided to put it in the garbage rather than return it to the nursery for further use.  I was breaking the flat into pieces for an easier fit in the garbage can when a section of the plastic flat popped up and hit me in the left eye.  It hurt……big time and blood started dripping so I ran in the house to look in a mirror and see what damage I had done.  I sort of freaked this time because blood was dripping from my eye.  Eeeewwww!!  I made it to the emergency room where the doctor on duty cleaned my eye, prescribed some antibiotic eyedrops and gave me an eyepatch to wear for a couple of days.  It was just a cut; no major damage. 

Accident three:  Again, I was working in the garden.  I had just put on my gardening gloves and started some weeding.  I noticed my left hand was feeling odd so I pulled off my glove and…..yikes!  My fingers were swollen.  This happened when I was dumb and wore my rings when I worked outside.  I had three rings on that day and I couldn’t get any of them off.  I drove over to Mom’s because she had some metal cutters, but by the time I got to her house (about 5 minutes), my fingers and hand were so swollen that she couldn’t use her metal cutters on the rings.  The fingers with the rings were turning sort of purple-ish and I was freaking out big time so Mom fixed an ice bag to put on my hand and got me to the emergency room pronto.  I was in a state because I was imagining amputated fingers and never being able to play the piano again.  The doctor on duty was terrific.  He got me calmed down, got my rings cut off and determined I had been bitten by a spider.  He told me to take some Benadryl and keep an eye on the tiny bite mark.  If I saw any striations or discoloration I was supposed to return to the emergency room.  I took the Benadryl which totally knocked me out and when I woke up the swelling was gone. 

Accident four:  My niece and I had been getting our fishing gear ready for our first fishing expedition of the summer.  We were working on my porch, but made several trips into the house for various tools and what not.  On one of the trips through my living room, one of us unknowingly dropped a fish hook on the carpet.   Later that evening after my niece had gone home, I was sitting on the porch reading while a delicious meal was cooking in the microwave.  When the timer dinged, I went galloping through the house to get my supper.  I felt a little sting in my left heel on my way to the kitchen, but I really didn’t think anything of it.  I had been barefoot most of the day and figured I had a thorn in my heel.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at my foot and saw not a thorn, but a large fish hook stuck in my heel.  Believe it or not, I tried pulling the hook out with a pair of pliers which didn’t work so I called my sister and asked her to drive me to the emergency room.  My sister freaked out this time, but she got me to the hospital where they immediately x-rayed my foot to see how close the hook was to the bone.  I will never forget that picture of my foot with a big hook stuck in it!  A local anesthetic was applied then the doctor had to cut the hook out of my heel.  I had two stitches and couldn’t go swimming for a week.  Bummer!  Oh, yeah, and I had to get another tetanus shot. 

Well, there you have it.  Some freaky accidents and just about my last four visits to a doctor.  One thing is for sure: I do stay caught up on tetanus shots!


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These had me squirming! I always thought that with fish hooks the easiest thing to do is cut it at the shaft and push it round till it makes a second hole and push it all the way through – so the barb does not hurt as it does when you pull it back out the same way it went in.

Comment by theotherbear

Why does my memory recall that fishhook so vividly?

I also think you would have had more trips to the ER, had you not used the services of my husband. Teehee!

(Roger keeps trying to get me to go the doctor. I keep trying to convince him that he is perfectly qualified to do my pap smear.)

Comment by Tiggerlane


and going to the ER is NOT the same as having a doctor’s visit in his/her office.

Comment by Karmyn R

All these accidents really made my stomach turn and I always thought I was not squeamish!

Comment by chrisb

I think I would stay out of the garden, if I were you. lol

Comment by Betty

Good stories! I don’t like going to the doctor either.

Comment by giveitatry

this is getting very close to klutz territory —
Your poke in the eye was the one that made my spine tingle

you want to hear about my steel rod and screws in my leg??? (:

Comment by Pamela

oh! the fish hook!!

I can handle a lot but for some reason hooks bother me…

Comment by barngoddess

I don’t like doctor visits either. I would be so freaking out about my eyes. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to see.

Comment by Debbie

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