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Arkansas View
November 5, 2007, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Nature, Seasons

I was captivated by this sunset last week as I drove home.  The clouds created such an interesting pattern in the autumn sky. 


I like the composition of this photo much better with the trees framing the sunset.   The colors are so beautiful. 


A view of the woods from my front yard. It has been mild enough to sit on my front porch and enjoy this view.


A stand of sumac along one of the roads I travel every day to and from school. Talk about amazing color!


I drove up in the mountains Sunday afternoon. The colors aren’t at their peak and the day was very hazy. I predict that next weekend will be even more stunning foliage-wise.



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Absolutely breathtaking sunset! Thanks so much for capturing and for sharing.

Comment by Sandy

I never get tired of seeing a beautiful sunset.
All the colours are so vibrant in the other photos, even if it was hazy and you feel they are not at their best.

Comment by chrisb

I read an article about clouds the other day – wish I could remember what it said about that design.

Wish I could go on a jaunt to see the colors with you

Comment by Pamela

Pretty – I still haven’t figure out how to get my camera to capture those sunsets, though it has a gazillion settings for just that.

I just need an SLR.

Comment by Tiggerlane

Lovely Picture. I love your new look. 😀

Comment by Debbie

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