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Dear Santa, I Was Naughty
November 1, 2007, 7:08 pm
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I began my first year of school in September of 1964. I had just turned six in July of that same year. We didn’t have kindergarten in the school district, but I had my own private pre-school teacher in the person of my Granny W. Mom worked at a garment factory from the time I was two until sometime in the early fall of 1963 when she was heavily pregnant with my brother who would come into the world in January of 1964. So for a little over two years, I spent my days with Granny.

Granny graduated high school and obtained a teaching certificate which she never used. She got married, started having children and her teaching career never materialized. I think she put all her skills and her desire to teach in motion with me. I knew how to read, spell simple words, add and subtract single digits and recount a multitude of Bible stories before I ever entered the doors of the public school. Nevertheless, I was excited to be entering first grade.   Both my parents and my granny made sure I understood the value of a good education and I was ready to learn.  Boy, was I ever disappointed.

My first grade teacher was a wonderful lady who probably wasn’t any older than I am now, but she seemed really ancient to my six year old mind.  She wasn’t teaching me a thing that I didn’t already know.  And to make matters worse, she was grouchy and kind of mean.  I couldn’t help it if I finished all my work really fast.  I had to have something to do so I talked to my neighbors in the desks near mine.  Then Mrs. R. would get angry and I would have to stand in the corner.  I think I spent half of my first grade year standing in the corner.  I was intimately acquainted with all four of them.  The next thing Mrs. R. did was confide with my mother.  She told Mom that I was bossy and, get this…..Mom agreed with her.  After some parental counseling, I decided to turn over a new leaf at school, but the next thing I knew I was in trouble again.  Really, I could not help it if those children on the playground would not listen to me.  I had to throw those rocks at them to get their attention.  I had to stay in at recess….every recess….for three days plus I got a spanking at home because of that incident. 

No beans about it, my first grade year was a turbulent one.  Nowadays the experts would probably say I had ADD, OCD and a host of other alphabet letters.  I would probably be taking a half bottle of Ritalin every day.  But the truth of the matter is I was BORED.   Dear Mrs. R. probably didn’t know what to do with me and, unfortunately for her, I had a very active imagination with loads of energy.  I knew how to behave, but boredom can lead to many enterprising activities. 

I survived that first year and so did Mrs. R.  My guess is that Mrs. R. must have warned my second grade teacher because I don’t remember having one free minute of time during the next school year.  I had so many job assignments and extra coloring pages that I barely had time to say ‘hi’ to my classmates.  I didn’t stand in the corner once, but I do rememer sweeping out those corners on several occasions. 



Approach with caution; bossy; know-it-all; rock thrower; probable future teacher


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Bossy? Know-it-all? Nah…not YOU!

Thank goodness you’ve never thrown a rock at me, though I’ve probably deserved it!

Comment by Tiggerlane

First grade inmate…that makes me smile.

Comment by giveitatry

Aren’t you glad you didn’t get pumped full of alphabet lettered fix-its? The same thing happened to my son, except his teacher was readily open for suggestions. Initially she thought he needed to go back a grade. When I told her he was just bored, it clicked and she began to challenge him. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Comment by gawilli

Love this post. 😀

Comment by Debbie

You were such a cute little thing! I’m glad your 2nd grade teacher was so much smarter than the 1st one. I think a lot of kids just need the extra challenge.

Comment by Susan

hahaha – I would hope now days they would have been smarter and stuck you in 2nd grade – or else Granny would have just kept teaching you.

Comment by Karmyn R

Ahh, you were cute!! I was born in 1957 and was in the first grade in 1963. We didn’t have a kindergarten so I didn’t go, but I had three older brothers and I loved to try to learn everything that they knew. I was well prepared for first grade, but my teacher loved me. She gave me extra things to do, so did my second grade teacher. I asked her for extra work cause I loved it.

Comment by Junebug

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