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Don’t Leave Home Without Them!
October 28, 2007, 9:21 pm
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Candid Karina wants to know what our security blankets are; the things we can’t leave home without.  So…..here goes…….

Taking my purse and one or two giant bags filled with school supplies, materials, music and the like, is a given when I leave home every morning.  I can’t even imagine leaving my ‘bags’ behind.  Their contents are absolutely essential to my day. 

I have to be wearing some earrings.  Can’t leave home without ’em.  These are three of my favorite pairs.


 On the rare occasion that I forget to put my earrings on, I feel out of sorts for the entire day.   Seriously, if I forget my earrings, my students remark about how ‘different’ I look.  I wear earrings when I mow the yard, carry out the garbage, exercise, whatever.  The only time I take the earrings off is when I go to bed at night. 

I gotta be wearing a watch. Can’t leave home without it!


I travel to three different buildings within my school district every day. Keeping track of my time is imperative. I have three watches so that I’m never caught with a dead watch battery and no watch to wear.   Summer vacation means leaving that watch off and no schedule.  Ah!  What sweet freedom that is……..

Now, I leave my precious babies behind every week day morning, but it is a very hard thing to do.  Jasper has the forlorn, neglected doggie look down to a tee.  He sits on the front porch step or behind the front door screen looking out and puts on his pitiful face and it just about breaks my heart.  He really turns on the drama when I have to go on a weekend choir trip.  And leaving him at the kennel really makes me sad. 😦   Africa sometimes sits and watches me leave, but most of the time I honestly think she could care less.  That’s a cat for ya!  She does love to snuggle in my lap when I get home though and so does Jasper which is why I have to eat so much to keep my lap so nice and wide….ha!


Now, boogie on over to Candid Karina’s and check out some other folks’ security blankets.


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What gorgeous pets you have!
And I don’t leave home without my earings on either, know exactly what you mean on that one!

Comment by theotherbear

I feel naked when I forget my earrings. I do it about twice a month. The worse thing is to forget my wedding ring. I twist the skin on my finger all day.

Your dog and cat are disdaining each other there very much.

Comment by Pamela

The dogs I have to take, but the cats stay at home.

Comment by Willowtree

nice earrings! and i know EXACTLY what you mean about the watch.

Comment by janet

PRETTY earrings. You’re like me….the ol’ cliche “I feel naked without earrings”? Yep, me too.

Awwwwwwwwwww, what cute furbabies!!!

Mine’s posted…
Have a great MOANday.

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I used to wear earrings all the time and just got out of the habit. Maybe I will try and pick it back up. Nice earrings – and gorgeous pets!

Comment by Sandy

My diamond studs are a staple for me. I used to love hoops and danglies, but the boys changed that for me. maybe when they are grown, I can go wild again.

Comment by robinellablog

I like the top pair of earrings!

What cute babies!

Comment by giveitatry

I wish I just owned some earrings. Then, I could feel naked without them.

Comment by Anglophile Football Fanatic

You have some pretty earrings. In the past year since I retired I have worn earrings a lot less and my ears seem to be reacting to the gold. A few weeks ago I had a sore ear and suddenly I went to put some earrings in the other evening to find the left ear hole has grown over. That’s after wearing earrings for past 35 years. I’m just deciding whether to have it pierced again. I should because I have so many lovely earrings and now I can’t wear them I actually want to.

Comment by chrisb

I thought of you when I posted my Bag O’ Death…you have more bags, for sure!

Comment by Tiggerlane

arent pets great for a guilt trip…i have actually taken job just so my beasts could come

Comment by julie

Your babies are beautiful! I love those earrings too, I’d wear all of them!

Comment by Karina

pretty earrings! can you believe that i don’t have pierced ears? i think i know only two other grown women that don’t (and one of them is my mother)?

Comment by alisonwonderland

Being a guy I don’t wear earrings. But, the watch I can relate to.

Comment by Sirdar

When I worked in Law Enforcement, I wore a watch 24/7. It had become a habit out of necessity. Now my security blanket is my cell phone, it has EVERYTHING in it. If it could only hold my debit card, Id be all set

your animals are cute! they obviously love you 🙂

We lost our mini weenie dog Elvis last winter, he was 7yo. We miss him so much still yet. It was tragic.

Comment by barngoddess

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