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Embarrassing Moments
October 25, 2007, 7:45 pm
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Your first question might be: Who are these people? Your second question would have to be: why are these people purposely acting like complete idiots for a picture?  The answer to the first question:  my brother, myself and my dad.  The answer to the second question can be found in this post .  The only excuse I have is that we completely lost it after surviving my sister’s wedding day.  Which brings me to the topic for this evening’s post: embarrassing moments.

Let’s face it.  We’ve all had moments in our lives when we wished the floor would simply open up and swallow us.  Or maybe we wish that we could rewind time and erase some hideously embarrassing ordeal that we found ourselves mired in.  One of those moments for me occurred during my sister’s wedding when I wept and sobbed through a song that I was supposed to be singing.  I can only be thankful that the ceremony was not captured on video. 

A second thoroughly embarrassing moment in my life happened when I worked for Toys R Us.  At the time, I lived some 1,200 miles from my family in Arkansas.  I had recently gone through a very painful and frightening marriage and divorce.  I was in poor financial shape when I was hired by Toys R Us so my mom, who is an extraordinary seamstress, made me a nice wardrobe of professional attire suitable for my new career in business.  One of the outfits she made was a full black skirt with a waistband paired with a white blouse and a red tailored jacket.  This is the outfit I was wearing for my embarrassing moment.  On the day in question, I was working in my office.  I was called to the cash office at the front of the store to take care of a deposit.  Before heading in that direction, I visited the ladies room.  I then proceeded to the cash office, signed off the deposit and put it in the safe.  I visited the customer service area, spoke to the department head then went to the sales floor where I spoke to several customers.  I made a side trip into a store room to check on a product that I had noticed wasn’t on display.  Then I sauntered over to the bicycle sales area.  While doing a quick inventory of the bicycles we had on the floor, I received a page over the store intercom.  I answered the page at the desk in the bicycle area.  A very kind, albeit giggling, employee informed me that my lovely, full black skirt was tucked into my pantyhose.  Yep, I had been running around all over the store with my white panty- pantyhose-covered rear end showing.  That incident sort of gave new meaning to the word ’embarrassing’. 

I’ve also had some embarrassing moments in my second career as a teacher.  Two that immediately come to mind involve some colorful language on my part. 

The ideal situation for a choir director would be to have an accompanist at the piano while the director is working with the students on their choral music.  Unfortunately,  I am usually playing the piano while directing the choir and teaching.  Because I am basically performing two jobs at once, I don’t like to use piano benches.  I prefer chairs with rollers which make it much easier for me to stand up quickly when needed.  I can stand up and push the chair away with the backs of my legs which gives me plenty of room to bend over slightly playing the piano with my left hand while conducting with my right.  This manuever may sound somewhat complicated, but I have it down to fine art.  One day I had pushed the rolling chair back somewhat further than I realized so that when I tried to sit down again, I misjudged and just hit the front edge of the chair seat.  The chair rolled out from beneath my rear and I sat down hard on the floor hitting my chin on the piano keyboard as I passed it by.  I said a bad word.  Loud.  In front of my students.  They all collapsed in laughter, but I was mortified.  I picked myself up and continued the rehearsal, but my former students (this happened almost nine years ago) still love to remind me of the day I said s–t in front of the choir. 

The first year at the school where I currently teach, brought another embarrassing moment.  I was describing a character in a madrigal feast script to my senior high choir.  I actually read part of the character description then looked up at my students and continued talking about the knight who did ‘dastardly deeds’.  Yep, you guessed it.  I didn’t say ‘dastardly’.  I don’t believe I’ve ever enunciated a ‘b’ so clearly.  Again, my students collapsed in laughter while I stood red-faced in front of them.  Again, my former students love to remind me of my colorful language.

We’ve all been there so at the very least I gain comfort from knowing I am not alone.


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I’ve seen a few women with the tuck in the undies — always wondered why no one told them …how many of your fellow employees let you just keep the view…

Comment by Pamela

I have always had a dread of the ‘undie’ one. I’m sorry for your embarrassment but they are very funny.

Comment by chrisb

Loved the dress in the pantyhose story. However, I went back to read the story of your sister’s wedding and, well, I laughed out loud! Great job.

“What fresh hell is this?” is my mantra for the day.

Comment by Sandy

I’m always the “button popped open” girl.

Oh, and I had forgotten about this picture – priceless!! I’ll never see Houston in the same light – but he’s still cute. And your dad looks wonderfully happy…I actually LOVE this photo of him!

Comment by Tiggerlane

My greatest fear is for my dress to be stuck in my undies…that is probably why I never wear them!

I’m sorry to laugh at your demise – but they are pretty funny stories!

Comment by Karmyn R

Ok, now I simply must ask….Karmyn, do you mean you never wear undies or do you never wear dresses?!!!!

Comment by arkansassongbird

I was taking my turn on the switchboard in the absence of our receptionist, when I forgot to turn off the pager. I was reading the paper and scoffing at the latest idiocy of our president, when someone called the switchboard and told me that I had just regaled the whole factory with my opinion. Oops!

Comment by Betty

How funny, sorry, but they were! I too want to know what Karmyn meant… Undies or dress?

Comment by Devon

Haha – we’ve all been there and wandered around for hours with buttons undone or flies unzipped.

Comment by theotherbear

These aren’t too bad. Is this a purge on us? You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, but you know this.

Comment by sevnetus

I don’t have *any* embarrassing moments…well maybe I do, but I just block them out! I’m glad you are brave enough to share yours.

C’mon Karmyn, which is it??

Comment by Susan

The thing that always strikes me after suffering one of life’s little embarrassments is how humbling it is. Nothing like taking myself down a notch or two!

Comment by gawilli

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