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October 22, 2007, 10:04 pm
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I spent part of the evening looking through my high school senior memory book.  How many of you have one of those?  I graduated high school in 1976 which was a unique graduation year with the United States Bicentennial celebration in full swing.  Needless to say, our senior class colors were red, white and blue.  Our class flower was the red carnation and our class moto was, “Life has many endings, but every ending is a new beginning.”  I was the valedictorian of the Class of ’76.  Instead of giving a valedictorian address at commencement, I sang our class song, “The Times of Your Life.”  Remember that song?  Paul Anka sang it.  I think it was featured in a Disney movie and I know for sure that it was used in Kodak commercials on TV.  “Good morning yesterday….you wake up and time has slipped away.  And suddenly it’s hard to find the memories you left behind, remember….do you remember?  The laughter and the tears……”  It’s a nice song.  I can still sing the whole thing from memory.

My favorite movies were What’s Up Doc?, The Stepford Wives, and Mahogany.  Any of those titles ring a bell?  Barbra Streisand and, I think, Ryan O’Neal starred in What’s Up Doc?.  I can’t remember who was in The Stepford Wives.  I’ll have to add that one to my Netflix list.  Diana Ross played a fashion model in Mahogany.  My favorite book was “Eagle in the Sky” by Morris West.  I can’t remember that book at all.  Favorite TV shows were “Welcome Back Kotter”, “Family”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “Petrocelli”. 

My Uncle Bill, a deputy sheriff, was killed in the line of duty in April of my senior year.  Uncle Bill retired from the Air Force after serving two tours in Vietnam.  He came home to Arkansas, became a deputy sheriff and was killed by a bullet fired from a .38 caliber pistol while serving divorce papers.  He was 42 years old.  The repercussions of Uncle Bill’s death are still evident today in the lives of his five children and his wife.  It was a tragedy that rocked the foundations of my family.   Twenty-five years later, my dad died on the same date in April that my Uncle Bill was killed. 

My parents gave me a round trip ticket to Los Angeles for my graduation gift.  A friend and I flew to LAX on Delta Air Lines from Dallas/Ft. Worth.  The total cost of our round trip flight was $143.00.  My friend and I stayed with my great aunt and uncle who lived on Albany Street in downtown LA.  We did all the usual touristy things including Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Santa Monica pier, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and so much more.  We had such a blast!  We also drove to Las Vegas in my second cousin’s Cadillac convertible and spent two days and one night exploring that city.  While in Los Angeles, we saw Chicago in concert at Anaheim Convention Center.  Our tickets for that event cost $7.50 each. 

The final pages of my senior memory book have “The Future” as a heading.  I have Monte Carlo, Monaco, listed as my future dream trip.  That trip is still a dream and as an adult I can think of several places I’d much rather visit!  My career plans were to become a professional singer and to have a career in business.  I definitely fulfilled the business career and I suppose I could call myself a professional singer though not on the grand scale I envisioned as a teen.  Last, but not least, my goals were “To give of myself to others.  To sing.”  I have to say I’ve  done a pretty good job of achieving those goals. 


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What a wonderful post! My high school yearbooks, class of 72, were lost in one of my moves. How lovely that you still have yours – and that you fulfilled your dreams. Thanks.

Comment by Sandy

I’m going to have to find mine, now!! I have the yearbooks, but the memory book is packed away. At least it will give me a reason to attack THAT box before I move.

Comment by Tiggerlane

Wow! Such good memories. I’m glad you shared them with us. And I agree, you have done a pretty good job of achieving those goals!

Comment by gawilli

I sang at my graduation too (with two other young ladies)…

I saw my yearbook a while back – and I remember thinking my legs were even chunky then… when I was thin

Comment by Pamela

oh… I pressed enter submit before I told you what an interesting post this was. Sorry about your Uncle.

Comment by Pamela

I came across my yearbooks a couple months ago when I was cleaning stuff out. I think the girls were more interested in them than I was.

How fun to read about your memories from high school. And to sing your speech…brilliant!

Comment by Susan

I enjoyed reading your walk back thru time. Very interesting.

Your Uncle Bill is a hero. Most police officers are killed on domestic calls or MVAs. Things still have not changed after all these years.

Comment by barngoddess

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