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October 21, 2007, 9:21 pm
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Our host with the most for this Fun Monday installment is Willow Tree and he wants to see our clothing art.  Or is it artistic clothing?  Regardless, (insert boo’s and moans here) I don’t have a digital camera so……I had to scan my actual T-shirt in order for you to see the graphics on it.  Needless to say,  I do not wear a youth size small so I had to do two scans for you to get the full effect. 


This is the artwork on the T-shirt that all three of my elementary choirs wear when they perform. I did the design myself then sent it to the very awesome T-shirt company I use where their graphic design folks did a bit of tweaking with the font and letter positioning.   Holly Harshman is the name of the elementary school. 


And Harmony Stars is the name of my choirs.   The complete choir uniform is this T-shirt tucked into black pants with black shoes on the footsies.  


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you are so dedicated!!! Now I would have just ripped one of the shirts off my tiniest singer and made them wait while I scanned it…giggle. (Just kiddin)

It’s a great shirt. I bet the parents appreciate having that. Kid can’t lie about what he/she needs to wear to the concert.

Comment by Pamela

Very nice Holly Harshman Harmony Stars shirt that you designed… You were very clever to scan your shirt for the Fun Monday display. Your choir uniforms are much nicer than stuffy old robes.

Comment by mjd

Those are so cool!!!! I love school choirs anyway, so these rule!!!!

Comment by Hootin' Anni

You sure did a great design on the tee shirts, well done, they are really nice.

Comment by her indoors

That is dedication! But I feel obliged to ask, “Who is Holly Harshman and why is the school named for her?”

Great post.

Comment by Sandy

Great graphics!

Comment by Lisa

Great shirt. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by nikki

Hey – I think we have some shirts like that at home – can you believe it? The choir t-shirts are the only articles of clothing that don’t fit Amber anymore, but she REFUSED to get rid of them. Should make you proud!

Comment by Tiggerlane

It never would have occurred to me to scan a shirt… I forget about my scanner sometimes and rely way too heavily on my camera!

Great shirt!

Comment by Sayre

I love the title for this one – it is SO true!

Comment by giveitatry

LOVE IT!!! 🙂

I was going to show my son’s choir shirt but he has it. 😦

Great post. 😀

Comment by Debbie

You have a much snazzier choir tshirt than my girls did. Ours were pretty um…boring..

Comment by Susan

I love the name of your choir. That’s a great t-shirt

Comment by chrisb

How sweet! I had a few of those t-shirts in my teaching days, too!

Comment by Anglophile Football Fanatic

Now I would have liked to have seen a video of yourself inside the shirt and singing. They would have been nice.

Comment by karisma

Love the colors on the shirt and so impressed at the quality of the scan!

Comment by Joy T.

ROFLMAO! Ok, you get a B+ for the graphic, but you get an A++ for your innovative approach to the assignment!

Comment by willowtree

Well, color me impressed. You had to WORK for this post!! And you did a fine job, m’dear :). Half my pics were already taken b/c I wear my favorite tees all the time!

Comment by Robin (the pensieve one)

that is clever word play…i love it!

Comment by Kerith

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