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Time Flies and Planes Make A Lot of Noise
October 11, 2007, 9:02 pm
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Another week has flown by and I’m trying to decide if I actually got anything accomplished since Monday or if I only managed to add more tasks to my list of things to do.  We are leaving tomorrow for our first big choral competitive event of the year; senior high all region honors choir auditions.  I have fifteen students who will audition on Saturday. 

Last Saturday my two auditioned ensembles, the Spotlight Singers and Sweet Harmony, performed at the annual Wheels and Wings Festival held at the airport and sponsored by our local chamber of commerce.  The ‘stage’ was a 40-ft. flatbed truck and at ten in the morning (our performance time) there was no sound system.  The middle school band director told me today that a complete sound system, mics, amplifier, CD player, etc. was available when his jazz band performed later that afternoon.  But my kids had to sing using a very small non-amplified CD player which they could barely hear over their voices.  To make matters more interesting, planes were taking off and landing on the runway directly behind the ‘stage’ the entire time my groups were performing.  I was so proud of my students because they were so poised and they put on an excellent show even in adverse circumstances.  

I finished purchasing costumes for the third grade musical this afternoon.  Unlike my friend and fellow music teacher, Melanie, I am severely challenged when it comes to anything remotely related to sewing.  Melanie has her sewing machine in her music classroom and whips out the cutest costumes as though she were a professional seamstress.  I, on the other hand, have to look up directions for sewing on a button. 

I also waded through 114 order forms for my elementary choir T-shirts, sorting them by size and grade level.  Three choir students never did return their T-shirt order forms with the accompanying $8.00 to pay for the shirts.  I repeatedly contacted their parents and sent additional order forms home.  In fact, the orders were due September 14 so I delayed ordering all the other kids’ shirts almost an entire month for those three orders. 

I spent part of the day entering grades in my computer  gradebook.  Tomorrow is the last day of our first quarter of the school year.  Did I mention that I have to enter almost 500 grades?!!  By noon on Tuesday, October 16.  I give every student at the elementary school the same grade which helps, but I still have to enter those 300+ identical grades. 

I took a short lunch today so I would have some extra time for getting things done.  And I had better stop writing tonight so I can get organized for tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!  I’ll ‘see’ you sometime next week.


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Good luck to them all Saturday – I know they have been well-prepared!

I heard about how some of them have had to arrange travel to the event with a family in order to make it to the competition…ugh.

I also hear there is a new gradebook system – you can go ahead and just enter my daughter’s “A,” please! HA!

You had better let me know how they do!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I always feel very unproductive after I read one of your posts – well rested, but unproductive! Good luck this weekend.

Comment by Sandy

those t-shirt parent shirkers need to get butt kicked. But they are out there in every group.

Comment by Pamela

Whew, you are one busy, busy lady!

Good for your kids for doing well despite all the challenges they had to deal with. That says a lot about their teacher!

Comment by Susan

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