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October View
October 7, 2007, 9:13 pm
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Warning: I am full of excuses today. We were tantalized in this part of Arkansas with a week of cool weather in late September then it turned hot and humid again. Day time temperatures have been in the high 80’s and low 90’s for several weeks. The humidity is high and Mother Nature simply doesn’t know that October has arrived.  I haven’t done a single bit of autumn decorating; haven’t even purchased a pumpkin.  It is too hot!  It feels like July or August and the great outdoors hasn’t changed much so I was not inspired to take pictures for an October view.  We haven’t even had a frost. Excuses, excuses and more than a little bit of whining……


The Indian Feather has been in abundant bloom. I actually did stop and take this picture of the flowers along a rural highway as I drove home from school last week.  The Indian Feather is beautiful, but it’s pink which is not my favorite October color.


Even if the temp stays in the 90’s, the view outside my front door will soon be some variation of this tableau. Minus the fall leaves, of course, if the weather doesn’t change.   The goldenrod is just starting to reach its golden autumn glory and I will pick bunches of it for outside bouquets.  I bought some turban squash yesterday and will soon add gourds, pumpkins and chrysanthemums to the mix for my autumn decorating.


This is an October view from my yard on a rainy day taken several years ago.


And to round things out, this is a view taken from the pasture toward my house on sunny October day.

Visit Pamela at The Dust Will Wait for more October views and, hopefully, less whining. 🙂


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Those indian feather flowers sure are pretty! I love the way your trees change colour in Autumn. Ours are mostly evergreens.

Comment by theotherbear

I don’t think I have seen Indiana Feather. Boy it is hot here too. And you’re right, it doesn’t feel much like fall. But we’re ready! Right?

Comment by gawilli

The Indian Feather flowers are beautiful. Your rainy day autumn pictures are lovely too. The last few days in Indiana have been hot and humid as well.

Comment by mjd

Very nice!

Comment by Willowtree

Indian feather — you are correct – we don’t usually associate pink with October. But I’ve got pink in my back yard, too.

I saw the Heat Wave in the news. It said, “Songbird is Sweating it out.” Twitter.

Well, not exactly – but the 90 degees was mentioned.

Hope you get some frost on your pumpkin soon.

Comment by Pamela

Beautiful photo of the Indian Feather.

It’s too hot for Autumn, here in Missouri, too!


Comment by Pat


Comment by Jenny

Beautiful pictures and what a beautiful view you have. Thanks.

Comment by Sandy

Your views are stunning.

Comment by beccy

So beautiful! Im booking my trip now, make up the guest room!

Comment by palofmine

I love your view. Uninspired? I find it beautiful.

Comment by Anglophile Football Fanatic

The heat will ruin a good fall, won’t it?

Hopefully it will cool down a little for you real soon.

Comment by giveitatry

90 degrees? That is a distant memory for us. I’m sitting here wearing a sweater.

Hopefully you’ll start getting some real good colors soon!

Comment by Karmyn R

I’m not quite sure how you can breath in that heat! Right now it’s a cozy 56 degrees here!

Comment by Susan

Our temps are already in the low 40’s and upper 30’s now. But I’m in Alaska so thats the difference!
I like your views!

Comment by my4kids

I do not miss the hot and humidity of “down there” and am content up here. 🙂 I hope you all cool off though as I’m supposed to visit my family next month (SW MO).

Our Goldenrod is already done and dead, can you believe that?

I love your yard, if your leaves finally fall can I jump in piles of them?

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

I’ve heard that it will actually feel like Fall by the end of this week – and I am READY! I haven’t done a bit of decorating, either – not even my Fall wreath has made it up! Guess my heart just isn’t in it this year….

Comment by Tiggerlane

it is beautiful in your area! I think I would like it there 🙂

Comment by barngoddess

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