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Lady Liberty
October 3, 2007, 7:38 pm
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As a 14-year old, I trudged up the spiral stairs in Lady Liberty toward the observation deck in her crown. I was deathly afraid of heights, but determined to experience every piece of New York City offered to me.  When I reached the top, my courage failed.  I quietly walked behind the row of tourists oohing and ahhing as they gazed at the panoramic view and began my descent without taking a single peek.


November 1972, taken from the ferry


I managed to control my fear when we visited the Empire State Building and took several shots from the 86th floor observation deck. But, alas, my photographic memories of the Statue of Liberty are all from the ground up.


These pictures were taken with my Mom’s Brownie camera. It looked just like this one I found on the Brownie camera web site. If I remember correctly, Mom received her camera as a high school graduation gift in 1956. All of my Lady Liberty pictures were taken in November 1972. That Brownie was quite a little camera!


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You still got closer than I did.

July 2006 – I went to visit my best friend in Vermont. We drove to NYC and spent 2 days – the last day walked down to Battery park – only to see the last boat of the day leaving the dock. We stood at the iron railing and tried to get a good look at her. We were both so sad.

Comment by Karmyn R

OOPS!!! NOT July 2006 – try July 1996 instead. That would be better.

Comment by Karmyn R

wow! thankyou for sharing your photos. I have never had the chance to see Lady Liberty, I hope to one day tho.

Comment by barngoddess

Those are great pics!! I want to see her someday. I hope within a year or two. 😀

Comment by Debbie

This brings back memories of my trip to NY in June 2006. Alas because of security we could not venture up the statue. This trip was before I started blogging so I’ve never written about it.

Comment by chrisb

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