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October 2, 2007, 9:19 pm
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Finally…..my Fun Monday shoe post. I dropped off my film at the one-hour photo lab late Saturday afternoon. I was told that a machine had broken down and I wouldn’t be able to pick up my developed pictures until Monday or Tuesday. So, I picked them up today and I still had to pay the one-hour photo processing fee. Hmmmm…..that doesn’t seem quite right, but I didn’t take the time to talk to a manager.

I like shoes as well as the next person.  My feet are still one of the smallest things about me so buying shoes is more enjoyable than buying jeans.  Still, I can’t even wear my favorite shoes which are actually a pair of boots that belonged to my dad. 


Daddy’s boots sit on a bench in my living room.   These were his working boots.  As you can see, they are well-worn, but, to be honest,  when Jasper was a puppy, he got hold of the boot on the right and added to the aged look.  Daddy was a cowboy.  He always had at least two pairs of boots; one pair for dress and the other to wear while working on the farm. 

I can’t wear some of my other favorite shoes either.


These shoes were picked up here and there. Mule shoes, draft horse shoes, pony shoes….I’ve got all sizes.  Some even have the nails still in them.  This display decorates the end of the wall that divides my dining room from the kitchen.


A close up of the smallest shoe. I don’t know if it is a pony shoe or a shoe for a miniature horse. It may simply be a decorative horse shoe, but it looks old and worn. It is only two and a quarter-inches wide.


Last, but not least, a picture I’ve posted before. These shoes belonged to my Arabian, Jhakkar. He died of old age several years ago.  Jhakkar was a wonderful horse and he could truly run like the wind.  Even though he was a white horse and I was fast approaching middle age,  I still felt like the little boy riding the Black Stallion when I was on Jhakkar’s back. 


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Cool boots. We hang our horseshoes upside down over here, something about not letting all the good luck drain out.

Comment by Willowtree

I’m glad you got your pictures up. I like the horseshoe theme. And I’ve heard that horseshoe over the door thing before, too.

I always wonder how horse owners can sell them. When I get a pet (and for some reason I think of a horse as a pet…but I know that farms and ranches don’t) I just feel so responsible and so attached.

Comment by Pamela

I love all your horseshoes, what a great idea for the post.

Comment by beccy

I too love the horse shoes! 🙂 Very creative post. 🙂

Comment by Debbie

How lovely to keep your father’s boots. We do the same as WT says to keep the good luck in:)

Comment by chrisb

Horse shoes and cowboy boots. Can you see the little girl in me grinning and wishing I had such great shoes?

Comment by Susan

Yeah – I thought you were suppose to hang the horseshoes with the ends pointed UP so the luck didn’t run out!

Comment by Karmyn R

Those are the best shoes! I love horse shoes. 🙂 And it’s so cool that you have your dad’s boots. 🙂

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

Thank you for the boots and for the reminder about boots and shoes. I’ve got a couple of boot stories in me that just make me smile when I think of my dad’s boots.

Peace. boots and shoes.

~ RS ~

Comment by RubyShooZ

i like the boots. very fashionable. wish i had some 🙂

Comment by pumpyshark

Great post and what a great gift Jhakkar must have been. One of the first hard back books I ever got was “King of the Wind” by Marguerite Henry. If you have not yet read it, I think you would probably like it.

Comment by Sandy

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