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The Dress
September 30, 2007, 10:34 pm
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I know, I know…..this weeks’ Fun Monday assignment involved shoes, but the one-hour photo lab at Walmart was on the fritz this weekend so I didn’t get my shoe film developed. So you’ll have to settle for my dress story. The shoes will come later.

My mom made pretty much every evening gown I wore from elementary school all the way up until I was married for the first time at age 24. I had to have at least one ‘formal’ every year for my music recitals beginning when I was 9 years old. However, when I was a junior in high school, we got some catalog in the mail. I can’t remember if it was Sears, Montgomery Wards or Spiegel….anyway, we got this catalog and it had a dress in it that I had to have. It was navy with white polka dots, spaghetti straps and a little bolero-style jacket. For some reason, my sixteen year old self fell in love with this dress and I somehow talked my parents into buying it for me to wear to my junior/senior banquet. (We didn’t have a prom at my school until my senior year.) 

Now segue forward to the fall of my senior year when senior portraits are taken.  My class was not a particularly close group of people, especially the girls.  It wasn’t that we actively disliked each other, we just didn’t get along real well as an entire group.  We had this debate over what to wear for our senior portraits.  Some of the girls wanted us to all wear the same dress in our pictures.  Some of the girls wanted us to wear those feather shoulder wrap thingees….stoles, I guess you’d call them.  Seems like there were a couple other suggestions, but when we voted the majority of the girls wanted us to all wear the same dress in our senior portraits.  Then we had to nominate a few dress choices to vote on.  I wanted to wear the navy dress with the white polka dots so I nominated my dress.  Another girl wanted to wear yellow, another wanted to wear green, a pink floral print was nominated.  Needless to say, we never could narrow the choice down to one dress so in the end we decided to use all the dresses that had been nominated.  Two other girls in the class wanted to wear my navy dress in their portraits and I reluctantly agreed to share.  I say reluctantly because I liked being individualistic, independent, not a follower of the crowd and I really wanted to be the only person wearing the navy dress.   But I was also nice and I let the other two girls borrow my dress for their senior pictures.  

friendindress350.jpg meindressblkwhite350.jpg

Okay, here are two portraits taken from the yearbook. Notice a difference even though we are wearing the same dress?  We both wore the same size, but I was….shall we say more blessed than the other young lady.   She had to pin the jacket edges together because….well, the dress just didn’t fit her properly.  She and the other girl who borrowed my dress insisted that I pin the jacket together, too, but I refused to do it.  After all, I thought, why hide my blessings under a jacket? 

I guess this dress was rather shocking for 1975-76, but it is tame by today’s standards.   I wish I could still get into it, but I’ve become a bit too round over the past 31 years. 


Now if you simply must see some shoes, head on over to Robin’s for the list of Fun Monday participants who actually did their assignment correctly!!


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Great story about your dress. I remember talking mum into buying me hot pink shiny disco trousers beacuse i ‘needed’ them so much…I remember wearing them twice!

Comment by beccy

Great dress story. 🙂

My mom made all my dresses and made my prom dress as well.

Comment by Debbie

You still got to be an individual. 🙂

I forgot all about fun monday…I didn’t even sign up for it, which I guess is ok as my shoes are all eyesores anyways!

Comment by Susan

You still have that dress? Wow. I thought I was a pack rat. 😉

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

Great dress and it looked much better on you!

Comment by Sandy

HA! I was thinking the same thing Sandy said. It looked much better on you. Our “blessings” sometimes do that, make us look a little better. HA! Love the dress story.

Comment by Julie

You looked the best in your dress. Wish I had been more “blessed” in life!!

Comment by Anglophile Football Fanatic

In Home Ec, we had to make dresses and then model tham at an all-school assembly when I was in Jr. High. I hated that dress, and never wore it again.

Comment by Betty

good dress story! very nice of you to lend it out despite your urge to be unique.

I still have one of my prom dresses. I love it and it was from my senior prom that was a very special night, I just wish I was a size 9 again!

Comment by barngoddess

I see beccy has mentioned her hot pink trousers. Why would she not listen to me, sometimes mum does know best how not to waste money!!

Comment by chrisb

You look lovely in the picture. Interesting that the girls wanted to wear the same dress for their senior picture. Your story may not be about shoes, but you have told a fun story for Fun Monday.

Comment by mjd

there were two of them.. and two of yours,


It was a nice picture of you – and I hope you didn’t all wear the same shoes. (just kidding.)

Comment by Pamela

This is the most original “shoe/foot” picture of the day! YOU WIN :)!

Nah, great story…sadly, I woulda been the other girl, too…

and I’m NOT gonna show pictures to prove it!

(sorry about your shoe pics…that drives me CRAZY!)

Comment by Robin (PENSIEVE)

How big was your school? When I was a senior – the more unique each picture the better. If you wore the same outfit as anyone else, you’d die of humiliation!!!

Comment by Karmyn R

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