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Slow Down?
September 27, 2007, 10:03 pm
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It’s somewhat ironic that I just posted the lyrics and a link for the lovely song “Slow Down” while my life has suddenly burst into hyper-drive.  I have two membership-by-audition-only choral ensembles that are being asked to perform for so many community events that I was actually concerned about wearing my students out.  They have assured me that they can handle the pace!  Last Saturday we performed for the local community college 25th anniversary celebration in an outdoor venue.  It was a lovely, windy day  and both groups put on an excellent show even though music pages were turning on their own in the breeze and some of the girls kept having to pull their hair out of their mouths.  This Saturday another group of senior high students who plan to audition for all region honors choir are traveling two hours for an intensive workshop on the audition music.  The first Saturday in October brings another outdoor performance for my auditioned ensembles.  This event will be held at our airport and I was told the kids will be singing from the back of a flatbed truck.  Interesting, eh?!!  I’ve already told the girls that secure hair is a must.  The following Saturday is the big senior high all region honors choir auditions event.  After that, we actually have a free weekend…..as of now.  The last Saturday in October is junior high all region honors choir auditions day.  Hey…..I thought teachers were supposed to have weekends off.  Where did I hear that?!!  November brings the culmination of all the all region auditions when students who made the honors choir meet from across the region and work up a concert in half a day’s time.  The concert is presented in the late afternoon hours and is truly a treat for the ears.  November also means intense rehearsals in preparation for the Christmas season rush.  We already have the first two weeks in December booked solid.  Amazing how what seems to be a wide expanse of time actually boils down to very little time at all. 


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No rest for the weary. Here we go! The 3rd week of October when we are supposed to have off…I have to sing with the band at the CMA rally Wednesday night through Saturday! There goes that ‘free’ weekend! Ha ha! See you tomorrow! At least we get to hang out! 🙂

Comment by Suzy_Q

I remember being in high school choir and girl’s ensemble and having something almost every weekend. (My girl’s ensemble sang for events all over the town. I think we had something at least once a week.) But, I enjoyed it all.

Comment by Karmyn R

My daughter came home from school yesterday and told me that her first performance for her middle school choir is at the end of October. She is very excited about it.

It sounds like you have a busy season ahead of you!

Comment by giveitatry

I bet you really wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t think of much better really than to be surrounded by young voices.

The holidays are really upon us, aren’t they?

Comment by gawilli

Busy, busy…but exciting too!

Comment by Susan

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