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What’s In A Name?
September 22, 2007, 8:59 am
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 I found this Meme at Debbie’s place .  It looked like so much fun that I had to try it!! 

1.   Rock Star name ( first pet and current car):  Togo Alero

2.   Gangsta name (fav ice cream and fav cookie):  Moollennium Crunch Pecan Sandie

3.   Fly girl name (first initial first name and first three letters last name):  F Tay

4.   Detective name (fav color and fav animal):  Red Horse

5.   Soap opera name (middle name and city where born):  Tamar Mena

6.   Star Wars name (first three letters last name and first two letters first name):  Tay Fe

7.   Superhero name (‘The’ plus second fav color and fav drink):  The Orange Diet Coke  

8.   NASCAR name (first names of Grandfathers):  John Walter

9.   Stripper name (fav perfume and fav candy):  Cinnabar Kisses

10.  Witness Protection name (parents’ middle names):  Ann Loyd

11.  TV Weather Anchor name (5th grade teacher’s last name and major city beginning with the same letter):  McCormick Minneapolis

12.  Spy name (fav season and fav flower):  Autumn Tulip

13.  Cartoon name (fav fruit and article of clothing currently being worn plus ‘ie’ or ‘y’):  Peach Shortsie

14.  Hippy name (what you had for breakfast and fav tree):  Banana Maple

15.  Rock Star Tour name (‘The’ plus fav hobby/craft and fav weather element plus ‘Tour’):  The Gardening Storm Tour 


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“Moollennium Crunch Pecan Sandie” haha! scary gangsta name 🙂

cute meme

Comment by barngoddess

I like your stripper name best. Mine would be Amazing Grace Peanut Butter cup. (doesn’t quite sound right)

Comment by Karmyn R

I stopped by to comment on Management 102 and it was gone!

How’s Beemer Boston for a TV anchor name?

Comment by gawilli

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